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Email marketing strategy “9” Tools & (Platforms to Boost Engagement)

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with customers. However, email marketing can be tough to do on your own. That’s why there are so many email marketing tools out there that will help you succeed! This blog post discusses 9 email marketing strategy tools and platforms that will boost engagement for marketers in all stages of email campaigns.

1.      ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign is a company that has developed into one of the most popular email marketing tools with over 130,000 small business customers. Active Campaign offers customer experience automation (CXA) tools such as SMS and email, site messaging, and CRM features; at its heart are their automated marketing sequences across channels in which they offer a visual canvas for building campaigns through an easy-to-use platform.

ActiveCampaign isn’t just for simple email blasts or campaigns. It’s a great tool that can enable you to create complex automated sequences to increase engagement and conversions without any expensive consultants or training sessions needed! With ActiveCampaign, set up your sequence with as many touchpoints (like follow-ups) and delays between emails before sending it out to see which version performs better in A/B split tests – all on autopilot!

2.      Sendinblue

It is another best email marketing platform that has a variety of features. It also has a lot of integrations to help you grow your email list. They offer email templates, tags, newsletters, autoresponders, and lots more!

Sendinblue is an email marketing software company that specializes in transactional emails. They are best known for their excellent service and have been building on this reputation to also offer a cutting-edge, all-encompassing customer loyalty program called Sendinblue Loyalty. This automated solution allows merchants to automate the process of reward points distribution through customizable campaigns with unlimited actions per day – no more manual work!

If you need help creating these types of customized rewards programs, or just want access to some prebuilt recipes within your own app development environment? Sendinblue has got you covered.

3.      Omnisend

It quickly became one of the leading email marketing platforms for the owners of e-commerce stores.

Omnisend offers automated email, SMS, push notifications, and integrations with Google Ads to help brands control their marketing across multiple channels. It also has an amazing list of other features like Instagram ad management that it says have 10X higher click-through rates than emails alone!

Its e-commerce email campaign templates are designed to reduce cart abandonment and drive repeat buyers. From ‘wheel of fortune’ offers, virtual scratch cards, and birthday discounts. it is evident that Omnisend has been created by a team intimately aware of what works in the world of online shopping. As you would expect from an e-commerce platform like this one, Omnisend hooks into Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce; going another step further with integration with review platforms such as Yotpo or

It makes it easy to track and report on the success of your campaigns. It also allows you to work cross-channel for maximum conversion. This includes email marketing, SMS messaging, and social media integration so that customers are aware of promotions at all times in order to limit cart abandonment or drive more return buyers as well as get valuable product reviews from happy consumers who have been given an incentive by way of a promo code.

The PRO account starts at $199/month, allowing you access to 10k contacts. It could be an option worth considering if you want one all-inclusive program instead of piecing together different platforms. it offers more services than just sending campaigns.

4.      HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot, the company best known for its marketing automation platform. They have recently launched a free email tool that can support most of your small business’ transactional needs. Whether you need to send back emails from lead offers or thank-you messages after purchase, Hubspot’s latest version is equipped with templates and a drag-and-drop visual editor, all available at no cost!

For those who are in charge of sending out campaigns via email but cannot afford an expensive software package like Marketo (or Mailchimp), there is now hope, thanks to recent updates by HubSpot Email Marketing. This easy-to-use program features many preprogrammed templates and visuals on how everything works, so you don’t have any guesswork involved.

HubSpot Emails Marketing stands apart from most top email marketing services because it is integrated with their CRM. After you create an account, you get access to both tools so you can make the process of creating a centralized contacts database easier and more efficient.

5.      Sender

The Sender is your one-stop, go-to email marketing tool. It is considered the best newsletter platform with a variety of features to ensure they are delivered successfully. It will help you get the most out of every message that’s sent. Customize templates by adding images, videos, or text to any area. It doesn’t matter if there are HTML skills involved because Sender does all the heavy lifting for you! Personalization options mean each recipient gets exactly what he/she needs from their inbox in order to have an even much bigger impact on your business

Sender’s detailed analytics feature is one of the top reasons for its popularity. It enables you to track who checked your emails and clicked on the links, when they were clicked, and more. This powerful tool also helps you build accurate buyer profiles based on subscriber actions which will help optimize your existing email strategy to craft compelling offers in order to reach them better than ever before!

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6.      Mailchimp: A very Important Tool for Email Marketing Strategy

Mailchimp is among the best email marketing tools you can find. You’ve probably heard about them, but if not, they’re a leader in this industry. Their free plan provides pretty much everything an average business needs for its initial outreach efforts with subscribers. Their smart recommendations feature tells you what your audience wants to know more about by analyzing data on all previous communications. it’s really easy to start optimizing from there!

Mailchimp gives you the ability to design your emails in just a few minutes. These can be used for any kind of business. The Content Manager is an easy way to store all images, videos, or files that you need ready access to. It will always look great when designing email campaigns. With Mailchimp’s automation engine, you are able to send out automated welcome emails at key moments, such as after someone has abandoned their cart or placed them on hold without completing their purchase; this helps keep engagement levels high!

7.      Mailjet

Mailjet has an intuitive and collaborative email marketing strategy tool that helps you build effective email marketing strategy campaigns. Design any of the pre-designed templates from scratch or use them as a template. It will make responsive emails to impress your recipients no matter which device they’re using. You can work with a team on Mailjet’s real-time collaboration feature for seamless teamwork!

This email marketing tool helps you create personalized and relevant emails for each recipient. You can also integrate Mailjet into your CRM, allowing for easier mailing list management through a single dashboard.

8.      SendPulse

SendPulse has a ton of professionally designed email templates that can be customized through their drag-and-drop editor. You then schedule these emails to go out based on when the recipient is most likely to open them, what they’re looking at or doing online, etc.

SendPulse is a great tool for measuring your most valuable subscribers. The subscriber rating feature lets you analyze open rates, click rates, and the number of times an email was read or unread. You can also personalize emails by name, gender, date of birth, and age range to better target who you are speaking with in future messages!

9.      AWeber

AWeber has been a popular email marketing service provider for decades. They offer tools to help businesses manage their emails, such as WordPress, MailChimp, and more. Their services are easy-to-use and allow your business the freedom of creating personalized campaigns with ease!

AWeber is one of the oldest continuously running companies in this industry. They offer an extensive range of eCommerce platforms, making them ideal for use by small or medium-sized enterprises. It’s mainly because they require simplicity when managing their online sales channels from WordPress sites, Salesforce CRM systems, etc.

Also, Aweber’s integration into these various providers makes them user-friendly, so you can create customized email campaigns without any hassle. Your email marketing strategy can be a powerful tool to reach out to your customers. So it’s important that you’re using the right tools for the job. We hope this list of 9 email marketing tools and platforms has been helpful to you. These tools are the best way to boost engagement with an email marketing campaign. If you want more information on any specific tool or platform, we encourage you to check out their website for a comprehensive overview.

Let us know which one you decide to use next!

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