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(Earn Money?) to Monitor Website Visitors- 11Tips

This is a big question how to earn money from website visits?  But you can earn money from website traffic and get paid per visitor. Here are some ways.

  1. Exit-Intent Popups to Transform Viewers Who Are About to Leave.

Do your web users abandon it without taking any action, such as purchasing the product or joining your mailing list? Why not use an exit-intent popup instead? It’s a popup that shows right before a visitor closes your website. To convert abandoning visitors, you may use exit-intent popups to offer spectacular deals and savings coupons. In this way, you can earn money from website traffic.

  • Use Click and drag Depth Monitoring to Position CTAs Correctly

Are you aware of how far your website’s visitors scroll? Do you struggle to convert your high-traffic pages? You may find out how far your visitors read your website before departing or moving to another page by using scroll depth tracking. You can now place your call to action (CTAs) and popups until the users scroll down your website.

  • Include affiliate links on your most important landing pages.

You’ll find landing pages on your website that creates the greatest traffic and bring in repeat visitors. These pages can be enhanced with affiliate links, allowing you to make more money quickly.

  • Use Outbound Links to Find New Cooperative Relationships

External connections that your visitors use to depart your site are known as outbound links. Your affiliates should be your top outbound links on an affiliate website. That isn’t always the case, though. Your visitors will frequently depart your site via other connections. But you have the power to change that!

  • Make use of a floating bar Promote Your Affiliates with an Option

Another easy strategy to boost your earnings is to promote your affiliates using floating bars that are targeted to your most-visited sites. One can show unique special discounts, discount codes, or even a countdown timer on a floating bar to build urgency.

11 Tips to Monitor Website Visitor and earn money

  1. Start showing up when people are looking for what you have to give.

 In web traffic monitoring, People use Google to find out what to do, where to go, and what to buy. One advertisement could show up on Google right when someone is searching for products or services similar to yours. A very well ad can transform individuals into clients’ satisfaction if they’re on a computer or laptop.


Online ads that bring users to your website can help you increase online sales, bookings, and mailing list signups.


Ads including your phone number and a call-to-action button will increase consumer calls.



With business advertisements that help people discover your organization on a map, you can get more consumers in the door.

  • Create a budget that is appropriate for your company.

Google Ads can be used to promote practically any product or service at a low cost. Establish a monthly spending ceiling and stick to it. You can also suspend or change your spending at any moment.

  • To locate the ideal customers, team up with Google.

You can reach more relevant clients while staying inside your budget using Google Ads.

  •  Add Google analytics :

It’s the standard method for tracking site traffic. It’s also completely free.

  • Filter out your own traffic :

Remove all of your own traffic. You know how frequently you visit your website. There’s no need to skew the data by adding your own traffic.

  • Filter our bad referrer:

Block off traffic from “bad referrer” domains like and That is trash traffic, and it skews data in a negative way.

  1.  Search engine :

Search Engine gathers a great deal of data. Consider the following data points, among many others: Number of visits

Number of visitors (new visitors vs. repeat visitors)

Return on investment. How many people come to your site and then leave without looking at any other pages?

  1. Intelligence on customers

Begin running relevant campaigns that are targeted at the proper prospects. Determine who is ready to purchase and communicate with them in real-time.

How to make more money

  1. Cross-sell customers on products that are relevant to them.

Linking to relevant products is one technique to make extra money from your e-commerce store. If you offer laptops, for example, you can cross-sell by promoting laptop bags, portable keyboards, mice, software, and other accessories on your product pages.

  • Add an Upsell Pop–up to Your Website

You can use popups to upsell your products to visitors in addition to cross-selling. Assume you own a clothesline. So, you can upsell a shopper who is buying beachwear by displaying a popup. You can offer a refund or group a few goods from the same category together in a display.

  • Host a Giveaway for a New Product

Prizes are a great method to get people’s attention, gather leads, and increase sales. You may run an entire campaign around an impending product line to make the most of a freebie.

  • Provide Visitors with Gift Certificates

Is it a slow season for you in terms of sales? Why not give gift cards to your consumers as a way to increase your revenue? Gift vouchers are a wonderful way to boost sales during slow periods without having to increase traffic.

  • Featured Products & Discount for Geo-Target Visitors

You may enhance your sales by creating geo-targeted offers based on your existing visitors. By determining where countries your website’s users come from, you can then offer them promotions and products that are only available in that countries.

  • Make Premium Downloadable Content Available

By providing premium material to your current visitors, you can make a lot of money. For Example, a whitepaper, PDF manuals, documents, video, audio recordings, and other types of premium content. If you know how to code and design, you can charge for logos, themes, stock pictures, plugins, and software.

  • Make a section of your blog that is only accessible to members.

You can create a members-only area on your blog in addition to delivering premium material. Visitors would pay a monthly membership fee to gain access to special content such as in-depth guides, reports, films, webinars, and other resources in the membership section.

  • Your website can be used to sell online courses.

Developing and offering online courses is another option to make money from your blog. To earn more profit, you don’t need to spend money on boosting your traffic or taking classes.

  • Accept Advertisement-Sponsored Posts:

Accepting sponsored posts for your blogging site can help you earn more money. Paid articles authored by others are known as sponsored posts. You would charge a fee to publish the content on your website.

It’s a proven model with additional advantages. You wouldn’t have to update your site with new information on a regular basis, but doing so can assist you to rank higher in the search results.

  1. Include a specialized job board

Did you know that posting job openings on your blog can earn you money?

When you create for a specific specialty, you’ll most likely attract people with that skill set. As a result, companies looking for such people can utilize your website as a recruiting tool.

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