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“Customer Journey” All You Need To Know About The

Understanding the customer’s journey is extremely crucial for sending them an accurate message at the right time. Also, it plays a significant role in building strong and positive relations with the consumers. It helps a business or businessman analyze how, when, and why the key performance indicator (KPIs) fluctuates.

Nevertheless, not many people are known about the benefits of email marketing and the customer journey. And if you are also a small part of that large pool of people, then look no further.

This article will explain how to set up a journey and how it can be good for email marketing. To add to it, you will also find detailed information about frequently searched terms and questions such as  Mail chimp customer journey, Why mail chimp is essential, and so on.

So stay tuned to introduce yourself to an ultimate guide about the customer journey and its benefits. However, before we forge ahead into proceeded information, it is always better to look at the basic overview to rest assured of a clear picture and better understanding.

Let us dig in

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  1. What is a customer journey
  2. How does the customer journey relate to email marketing
  3. Is email marketing good for customer journeys?
  4. How to set up a customer journey
  5. What is the Mailchimp customer journey?
  6. How to create a MailChimp customer journey map?
  7. Why Mailchimp journey is important?
  8. What is the Mailchimp customer journey?
  9. Bottom line

What is a customer journey?

customer journey

In simpler words, the customer journey is the analytical statements that tell you the story related to prospects encountering your business and the steps they take toward conversions, purchases, etc.

On the contrary, if we look at the term from the customer’s perspective: it is the complete sum of experience a customer pass through when interacting with an organization or business.  Thus, we can conclude that the customer journey Is a long journey the customer goes through in distinct stages of its life concerning various firms.

It doesn’t need to remain a linear journey because not all customers are the same, nor do they follow the same pathway. They may encounter certain obstacles which delay or prevent them from making a purchase. Or they might get marketing content that drives them towards subscriptions, purchases, brand loyalty, or another end goal regarding your business.  

How does the customer journey relate to email marketing?

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 Now that you are done with the basic overview of customer purchases,  you might wonder how it relates to email marketing. Well, the answer lies somewhere in the paragraph below.

So, we can call email marketing/ email journey and customer journey two sides of the same coin. As they are so interrelated with each other that one can’t survive without the other. The whole concept work on an idea, i.e. customer journey can lead you to the targeted customers. Thus one can slowly and steadily nurture these leads with targeted emails that can be sent whenever they set significant triggers.

Is email marketing good for customer journeys?

As we mentioned earlier, email marketing and customer journey go hand in hand. So, email marketing is good for the customer journey as it helps to retarget the customers and bring old customers back to the organization. Keep on reading to find out how.

How to set up a customer journey

Steering up a customer journey often aligns with five distinguished factors, which are listed.

  1. Acquisition
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Retention
  5. Re-engagement

Thus, to set up an ultimate and effective customer journey, it is essential to look at all of these five factors In detail. So without any further due, let us walk through the details.


First of all, what is the prime purpose of any organization to exist on earth? Profit generation, right?

And from where does this organization generates it? From customers, of course. Hence, it is proved that customer acquisition is extremely crucial for each organization. Also, it is vital for attracting contacts to your audience.

Therefore, when customers sign up for email marketing or follow any of your social media pages, it is probably because they already know about your business. At this moment, it is obvious that they may have been researching your brand alongside the competitors.

Thus, it becomes necessary to create a positive impression with an automated welcome series. Please take full advantage of this moment by sharing your business offers (related to discounts, purchases, etc.), setting expectations about what you will send them next, and gathering more.


Consideration is a stage when a person decides to upgrade their status from a “Normal Person” to the official “Customer” of the firm. And if you ask us, it is the first step of an organization towards success.

Let us understand the scenario with the help of an example. For instance, a customer googles your brand or browses your e-commerce store, adding certain items to the cart. Nevertheless, before purchasing those items, they abandon that cart by closing the store. And a brand never welcomes this kind of scenario, right?

So to tackle the case, what brands to is, use “Automated Abandoned Cart Email”. These emails contain content such as “Your cart is waiting to be purchased” or “only fewer items are left on your choice. Get them before it’s too late”.  Thus, convincing the customer to get back to their cart.

Automated abandoned emails are great to set up a customer journey to bring clients back to the e-commerce store, enhancing potential transactions and sales.


Customer purchase is the ultimate goal of any organization. However, the case of marketing does not end here. It means that marketing is more about communication. And communication does not stop after a customer makes a purchase,

Instead, a business should send order notifications, thank you notes(especially to first-time shoppers), and product follow-up emails to assure good customer interaction. One of the smart ways is to send emails regarding “Product Recommendations” to keep them engaged with your firm.


Establishing long-term relationships is essential for businesses if they want to set up a healthy customer journey.  There are many ways you can use to build loyalty among your customers. For instance, you can run various loyalty programs on your business site or offer discounts to your best customers.


Last but not least,re-engagement is next on the list. So, customer inactivity can become a touchpoint on a customer’s journey, which we don’t want for sure.

Therefore, there is a distinguished variety of ways you can rely upon to strengthen your relationship with the consumers. For example, highlighting the anniversary of the contact’s subscription can contribute a lot to bringing your old customers of yours back to the site.  Another way to re-engage customers with your website is by sending “Exclusive Discount Offers”.

What is the Mailchimp customer journey?

Mailchimp journey is an online service that enables you to map dynamic, automated marketing paths for your customers visually. Hence in simpler words, it lets you make the most effective customer journey plan you can ever think of.

In addition, the service allows you to choose the starting points and other unique interactions to keep your customers engaged at every step of the path.

How to create a MailChimp customer journey map?

Creating a customer journey map at Mailchimp seems to be a difficult process. Whereas, in actuality, it is not. you can get the job done by following the simple guidelines mentioned below

Powered by Mailchimp

A step-by-step guide to creating a customer journey map at Mailchimp

1: create a Mailchimp account

2: log in to your account

3: Select Customer Journey (Beta)

4: Click on “Create”

5: grant a unique name to your Journey and assign an audience.

6: Click on “Start Building”.

7: choose a point to start. For example: as soon as someone joins your list.

Step 8: start to design your Customer Journey workflow.

Why Mailchimp journey is important?

One of the significant features that customers enjoy by using the Mailchimp customer journey is that the service aids in personalizing messages, increasing conversions. One can opt to send campaign-related emails to subscribers, depending upon their area of interest and actions.

The bottom line

Customer journey is a story of customers’ purchases and tactics to bring the customer back to the business. Nevertheless, it requires an immense amount of hard work, tons and tons of patience, and most importantly, accurate strategies.

One can make these strategies based on the top 5 above listed factors: acquisition, consideration, purchases, retention, and engagement. However, don’t forget to read the information about each aspect carefully to reap maximum benefits it.

Furthermore, you can use Mailchimp, an online service that lets you map and analyze the effective plan for the customer journey. Rest we wish you a stroke of good luck. 

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