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How Grow Your YouTube Channel? VidIQ Review (2024)

Do you want to find out how to grow your youtube channel? Then read this VidiQ review 2022 to understand the myth. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced video creator, knowing the right keywords to use in your videos, titles, and descriptions can mean the difference between being found or not by viewers. VidIQ YouTube Ranker app will find the best keywords to optimize your titles, descriptions, tags, and Playlists for YouTube searches so that your content is found and gets discovered by other viewers.

How Grow Your Youtube Channel?

Are you looking to get your Channel in the best possible shape? There’s a new tool on the market that’s helping creators, brands, and agencies worldwide. The vidIQ Channel Audit tool is one of the most powerful video marketing tools out there, giving you access to the information you need to understand your audience, improve your videos, and grow your viewership.

VidIQ Review 2024

A great recipe for success is the secret of our work and we understand the importance of your time, which is why we are always responsible for the quality of our actions. Therefore, we have carefully thought out our VidiQ Review 2024 strategy – to make it easier, cheaper, and faster as possible to achieve the results you deserve.

VidIQ Features

Following are the amazing features of VidIQ.

VidIQ Keyword Research Tool

Vidic is an excellent YouTube keyword research tool that provides you with the highest YouTube search volume and a list of related keywords from multiple sources. It is also integrated with Google AdWords Keyword Planner to provide keyword cost estimates for YouTube ad campaigns.

VidiQ keyword

Critical features of Keyword Tool include:

1. Discover the top 3 highest-volume keywords for your seed keyword: VidiQ provides you with a list of the top 3 most relevant and high-volume keywords for the keyword you want to target (and even shows you their estimated search volume). These are the keywords that you should be targeting in your video content.

2. Discover a comprehensive long-tail keyword list: VidiQ also provides you with a complete long-tail keyword list. You can add more keywords to your video content and increase your ability to rank in YouTube search results (and in Google search results).

3. Easily find global monthly searches, local monthly searches, and average CPC: For each of the relevant keywords, Vidiq shows you the global monthly searches as well as where these keywords get searched on YouTube (i.e., US/UK/India), along with average cost per click if this data is available.

VidIQ Competitors Tool

The vidIQ Competitors Tool is designed to show you who’s winning on YouTube and why. It allows you to easily see the most crucial video creators in your niche and how they’re getting ahead. These informations can be valuable to anyone looking to increase their YouTube channel presence.

With the vidIQ Competitors Tool, you can:

  • Discover new creators that are scoring high with views and subscribers
  • See what videos are generating views and engagement
  • Use this data to modify your strategy for future videos
VidiQ competitors

Compare Tool

The VidIQ YouTube tool lets you compare yourself to content publishers like PewDiePie, Kylie Jenner, and BBC News. With helpful charts and graphs, you can see how your video is against them in categories such as audience retention & watch time, demographics, and social engagement.

Productivity Tools

VidIq was designed to be a powerful productivity tool for YouTube video managers, and millions of YouTubers worldwide use it. With Vidic, you can schedule your uploads, share videos with a team, import and export videos, track your keyword rankings, and monitor your progress, so that you always stay on top of your content strategy.

Thumbnail Generator

It allows you to create awesome-looking thumbnails for your videos. The Thumbnails created by VidIQ are incredibly high quality and better looking than any other tool. And even better – VidIQ’s Thumbnail generator is entirely free.

Thumbnail Editor

Channel Auditor

This tool provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your Channel, and will show you where you’re losing subscribers, what videos are performing well, and much more. It also allows you to easily update your Title Tags, Meta descriptions, and social data so that you can increase your organic reach across the web.

Real-Time Stats Bar

It provides real-time subscriber statistics right on your video player. Now you can see how many subscribers you gained or lost in real-time as people are watching your video!

VidiQ Plans & Pricing


VidIQ offers four plans. Every plan fulfills different requirements. The “Basic” plan is for new users of YouTube who don’t have much experience with video marketing yet. The “Pro” plan is for more experienced users who want to get more analytics and research keywords.

The Boost+ plan includes monthly coaching calls and personal tips for your Channel. It’s only necessary if you’re looking for coaching. Boost gives you subscribers and SEO data, while the Pro tool only has analytics and keyword research. The keyword research tool is my favorite part of vidIQ, and it’s a great deal at just $10/month.


New to YouTube


Get More Analytics and Research Keywords

Starting at $10 Per Month


Increase Views on NEW Videos*

Starting at $49 Per Month


Personalized Coaching for Dedicated Creators & Agencies

Starting at $499 Per Month.

Does VidIQ store personal data?

Yes, but just what you provide on sign-up, and nothing more. It stores your name, email address, and website address to send you updates about the service. But there is no way for VidIQ to access or store your login details for other sites or applications.

Using the tool with multiple accounts on one browser or computer will not work. If you try to log in with a different account on the same computer, VidIQ would not recognize which you intended to use.

The tool also has a feature that allows you to choose which video sources you want to monitor and what keywords you want it to track and include in the reports. It means that if you add a source that’s not relevant to your niche or too general keywords, it won’t end up spamming your inbox with irrelevant information.*

VidIQ requires your permission before it can share information about your video with other users of the tool. This feature is optional.

The tool does not store any IP addresses, although it keeps track of in which country the person saw the video to keep an accurate count of views from each country.

Which is better, YouTube buddy or VidIQ?

Both are the most popular YouTube tools available. Both offer a variety of features, but it cannot be obvious to determine which one is the best fit for your needs. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the similarities and differences between TubeBuddy and VidIQ so you can make an informed decision when choosing a tool.

1.       TUBEBUDDY

TubeBuddy is a suite of tools that allow you to do more with YouTube: find related videos, schedule uploads, check out trending videos, and much more. The service offers quite a bit for free and has a paid upgrade. If you’re looking for the best all-in-one video tool for YouTube, TubeBuddy might be for you.

2.       VidIQ

VidIQ offers similar services to TubeBuddy but with a slightly different focus. It is more focused on helping users increase views and subscribers rather than scheduling uploads or finding new content. VidIQ focuses on engagement which means that they have some great features like fan engagement surveys and quizzes that can help you build your audience through interactive content. It’s worth pointing out that VidIQ also has a premium subscription option – if you’re interested, you can check it here.

Is vidIQ worth the money?

When considering software like VidIQ, consider how much time you will save by using it. It mostly depends on how you manage your YouTube channel. If you spend a lot of time on your videos, then yes, vidIQ is worth the money.

Bottom Line

As we have learned how to grow your YouTube channel with VidIQ. If you take advantage of this program, you will be able to identify what is working with your videos and what isn’t in order to adjust your strategy accordingly. VidIQ will help you get more subscribers, more views, and more sales with your YouTube channel.

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