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What is Google AdSense? (How can make monetize my blog)

So you’ve got a blog. You’re passionate about your topic, and you’ve got a growing audience of readers. What’s next? How can you turn this into a money-making venture?

One option for monetizing your blog is to use Google AdSense. AdSense is a program that allows you to display ads on your website or blog and then pays you whenever someone clicks an ad.  

If you want to learn more about Google AdSense, what it is, how much money you might make, and how to obtain AdSense approval, you have come to the right place. Learn all there is to know about Google AdSense with this post from Webys!

What is Google AdSense?  

Do you know those little ads on your favorite search engine website and blog? Well, they’re Adsense Ads, and you can use them too!

Google AdSense is a program that allows blog owners to earn money by displaying ads on their blogs. Bloggers can sign up for the program and select the ads they want to display on their blogs. Google then serves the ads and pays the blogger based on the blog’s traffic.

How Does Google AdSense Works?

Google Adsense program is run by Google Inc. And is one of the biggest internet advertising companies in the world. It allows website owners to incorporate ads on their websites and earn revenue.

AdSense works as a third party between advertisers that want their adverts to be seen by people and publishers/bloggers that wish to display those ads on their sites. 

When a visitor to the publisher’s website clicks on one of the advertiser’s ads, the publisher is then paid by Google Adsense based on many factors, such as the amount of traffic they receive and the type and location of the adverts.

AdSense differs from other online advertising platforms based on the Pay Per Click (PPC) model. This means that you will not be paid for displaying an advert on your website but rather for each time a visitor clicks on that advert.

What makes Google AdSense the best out of many advertisers?

google adsense make money

Many advertising companies allow bloggers to publish advertisements on their blogs. But Google AdSense is best for bloggers because of the following reasons:

Easy to Use

Bloggers do not need to edit their blog templates to enable advertisements. This is a significant advantage, as it makes life easier for beginners because they do not need to learn complicated skills only to put advertisements for companies on their blogs.

It gives you a lot of options.

When we talk about Google AdSense, it provides excellent flexibility. Bloggers can choose how many advertisements they want to put on their blog and where. They can make these decisions based on the type of website they have. 

For instance, if a blogger wants to provide advertisements related to cooking, they will place these ads in an appropriate section of the blog. Google AdSense also allows bloggers to generate more income by enabling different advertisements on each page.

Highly Accurate 

It lets bloggers know exactly which advertisement links are clicked and how many times they have been clicked. Therefore, they can see where their earnings come from and make changes if they want to do so.

Trustworthy and Reliable 

Google AdSense is trustworthy. Because it is a Google product, AdSense is highly trusted by bloggers and companies. Once a blogger is accepted into the Google AdSense program, they can be sure that their income will continue to be generated as long as they have advertisements on their blog.

Google AdSense is quick. 

Signing up for the program takes only a few minutes, and once accepted, bloggers can start earning money immediately. Publishers who are already part of the program will receive their first payment within two weeks after the end of the month in which they earned enough money to be paid out by AdSense.

Useful & effective 

Bloggers’ websites are useful for companies who want to reach a wide range of customers. This is because when blog posts or articles mention the products these companies sell, readers of these blogs will be encouraged to buy them more than if they did not know about these companies.

Many people will see the ads that bloggers publish on their blogs through this program because Google is a top-rated search engine. Therefore, if a company’s advertisement is placed on a blog through this program, it can ensure that the people who see it are interested in what they have to offer.

How to get AdSense Approval?


The first thing you should know is that you will not be approved for AdSense if your site has any of the following:

  • Pornography
  • Hateful or violent content
  • Illegal activity
  • Copyright infringement

If your site does not contain any of the above, then you can follow these simple steps to get AdSense approval:

1. Register for a Google account if you don’t have one already. 

2. Complete the signup form. 

3. Wait patiently for Google to review your site, which can take up to 48 hours. During this time, you will receive an email from them notifying you of the status of your application. If it’s approved, great! If not, well, read on…

4. Once rejected, ask whether your site complies with Google AdSense policies. If it does not, you will need to make some changes before reapplying.

5. Edit your site to meet all of the requirements for approval as outlined in the AdSense Policies document. 

6. Complete the application form again and wait patiently for their response.

Advice for New Bloggers on Getting AdSense Approval

If your blog is new, make sure you go through the following tips before applying for AdSense:

High quality and Unique Content

You should ensure that you have a blog that’s informative and unique with high-quality content. This will make it easier for you to get Adsense approval as Google wants to ensure that their advertisers’ money is well spent.

Proper Navigation

Your blog should be easy to navigate, with all the necessary information easily accessible. This will help keep readers on your site longer and make it easier for them to get the information they want.

Decent Page Loading Time

Google wants to ensure their advertisers get top value for their money, so make sure your pages load quickly. 

Avoid Bad SEO Practises

There are many bad SEO practices that you should avoid if you want your website to get approved by AdSense. These include keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and blackhat techniques such as link spamming or buying links.

Old Bloggers’ AdSense Approval Tips

If you are an experienced blogger, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting Adsense approval:

Follow Google’s Guidelines 

Make sure you read and comply with all of Google’s terms and conditions, as violating any of them could lead to your application being denied. Google has a list here:

High Quality and Unique Content

As mentioned before, Google wants to ensure that their advertisers’ money is well spent, so make sure your content is high quality and unique.

Clean up your website

clean up

Remove anything that might get in the way of Google’s crawlers. Two things that commonly hinder crawler access are blog comments and two automated blogrolls. If you have a lot of blog comments, then take some time to review them and remove any that are irrelevant or spammy.

Have a large blog

This is important because Google wants to ensure you can handle the traffic that advertising brings in. If your blog has a lot of readers, you probably don’t have a problem taking some extra clicks.

Promote Your Blog: 

If you can get your blog listed on various high-quality directories and forums, it will help improve your chances of getting Adsense approval.

So, whether you are a new or experienced blogger, follow the tips mentioned above to improve your chances of getting Adsense approval. And remember, if you do get rejected the first time around, don’t give up – try again after making the necessary changes.

How much money can you make with Google AdSense?

grow money with ads

When you’re looking to make money with Google AdSense, it’s essential to understand how the program works. AdSense is a way for website owners to earn revenue by displaying ads.

The amount of money you can make with AdSense depends on various factors, including the type and size of the ads, the traffic to your site, and the country where your site is located.

Generally, you’ll earn more money if you have a high-traffic website. The program also pays more for clicks on more prominent ads. Additionally, AdSense payments are based on the country’s currency where your website is located. 

For example, websites in the United States earn revenue in U.S. dollars, while websites in Canada earn income in Canadian dollars.

There is no set amount of money that you can make with AdSense. It depends on the factors mentioned above. However, if you have a high-traffic website with popular content, you could make a lot of money through the program.

Google makes the following recommendations to help increase your AdSense earnings:

1. Place ads on high-traffic pages.

2. Use a variety of ad formats to make your site more appealing to visitors.

3. Target your ads to specific content on your site.

4. Place ads near the top of your page to be more likely to be seen.

5. Choose colors and fonts that complement your site’s design.

6. Write interesting, informative content to keep people coming back for more.

If you follow these tips and use Google AdSense to its fullest potential, you can make a good amount of money from your website. Remember, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is worth it in the end.

How do I set up Adsense on my blog?

Here’s how you can set up your AdSense Account in 3 Steps!

Signing up for an Adsense account

The first step is to sign up for an Adsense account. This can be done by visiting the Adsense website and clicking on the “Sign Up Now” button.

Verifying your account

Once you have signed up for an account, you must verify it. This can be done by clicking on the “Verify Now” button on the Adsense website.

Adding your ad code

Once your account has been verified, you can add your ad code to your website. This can be done by following the instructions on the Adsense website. You will need to copy and paste the ad code into the HTML of your website.

That’s it! You are now ready to generate revenue from your website by displaying Google ads. 

Where can I add the AdSense code to my website?

Adding AdSense to your website is a great way to monetize your content and generate revenue. But where do you add the code?

Depending on your website’s layout, there are a few different places you can add the AdSense code. Here are the most common areas to add the code:

1. Header: This is the top of your website’s HTML. The code should be on every site page, above the </head> tag.

2. Footer: The AdSense code should be added to the bottom of every web page, directly before the </body> tag.

3. Sidebar: You can add the AdSense code if you have a sidebar on your website. The code should be placed between the <div> and </div> tags.

4. Inline: You can also place the AdSense code directly into your content, between the <p> and </p> tags.

Wherever you choose to add the code, test it out and make sure it’s working correctly. You can use the AdSense Preview Tool to see how your ads look on different devices and screen sizes.

Wrapping it up!

If you’re looking to start making some extra money from your website or blog, Adsense is a great way to do it. Just follow the guidelines and ensure your site is high quality and relevant to your audience. 

You are now equipped with the knowledge you need to get started. Now, it’s time to take action! With a bit of hard work and some well-placed ads, you could be on your way to making some extra cash. 

For more quality content, stay connected with Webys.

Thanks for reading!

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