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What is Bloglovin? Discover all Benefits can Help you (2024)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a platform that lets you follow all your favorite blogs and websites in one place. It’s very similar to Facebook or Twitter, where you can add people (blogs) or follow them (from other users).

Since the rise of blogging, more and more readers have been using RSS services to stay up-to-date with their favorite blogs. However, Google Reader’s death left a huge gap in the market. Many alternatives arose, and RSS is still quite popular, but there’s another way to follow your favorite bloggers: Bloglovin.

Ever felt a little lost in the blogosphere? Now you can save some of your favorite blogs in Bloglovin and have them all in one place.

Today, we’ll teach you how to use it, why it’s so great, and some best practices when using this service. Webys have gathered all the information you need to know about Bloglovin for you! So, let’s start:

What exactly is Bloglovin, and how does it work?

Bloglovin’ was launched in 2007 to unite all the blogs into one place that users could follow. As a result, it quickly gained traction and is now one of the most popular apps! 

It focuses on gathering all your favorite blogs into one place, monitoring them for new posts, and enabling you to share content from your favorite sites with your friends easily.

To do this, it gathers information from sites such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

The Bloglovin social network works by adding your favorite blogs to the platform and scanning for new posts via their RSS feed. It enables you to track everything from there, including:

  • How many people like/comment on a post
  • The number of times a post has been shared
  • The number of times you’ve seen the content via readers’ blogs

The Bloglovin social network also allows you to follow your favorite bloggers, search for new ones and share content. You can choose whether or not to enable any blogger to follow to use your email address to send you notifications regarding recent posts. 

The social network is mainly focused on connecting readers to bloggers rather than networking with fellow readers. Bloggers receive information about who reads their content and can choose whether or not they want to follow their readers back. 

Bloglovin uses a “follow” system where bloggers add their blogs, and users follow them (or vice versa). For example, if you have a blog on fashion and beauty, you’ll have to add it first on Bloglovin then users can follow that blog from your profile.

Importance of Bloglovin 


Connect with Bloggers Easily

Blogs owners who have a lot of subscribers or followers receive more visits on their web pages which boosts their income by selling advertisement spots or products (it can be even selling their products). 

Bloggers also benefit from using Bloglovin’ as it’s an easy way to connect with other bloggers and create new relationships and friendships even if they live far away. If you are searching for new ways to expand your contact list then you should use Bloglovin’.

Helping you learn Blogging!

Bloglovin is not only a great service that allows bloggers to follow blogs and write reviews on them, but it’s also a way for new users to learn about how blogging works and what services around they can use to find their passion and earn money online. Bloggers who share the secrets of blogging success with others use Bloglovin as an additional tool for monetizing their work.

Supports 200+ Languages 

Readers can discover new blogs or read those blogs they already know through Bloglovin’s website. Even if you don’t have your blog written in English, you can still benefit from this amazing site as it has over 200 languages available, which means that almost every blogger in the world is part of this group. It’s a simple way to start working on your blog from another language rather than translating it with Google Translate.

Bloglovin is also very useful if you want to know more about trending topics around the globe, as users can follow the most popular blogs and share them with others through their social media profiles. 

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest news and trends, then Bloglovin’ will be your best friend as it’s filled with interesting web pages that help people stay connected and informed. 

The more blog pages and websites you visit, the more connection points you gain on this site, which boosts traffic to your profile and increases the chances of getting noticed by other bloggers who might want to collaborate or work together on some projects. It’s an an-all website that can help you build friendships, increase traffic to your blog or web page, and spread awareness about important topics.

How can I add my blog or website to Bloglovin?

website to Bloglovin

Adding your blog to the official Bloglovin social network is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Bloglovin website ( and click ‘Login’ at the top of the screen

2. Select the social network you want to add your blog to Tumblr, Facebook, or Google+, or any other

3. Enter your site’s address into the ‘Add a Site’ box and click ‘Add.’

4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete adding your blog to Bloglovin. 

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to go. Your blog will show up in your profile on Bloglovin, and you’ll be able to keep track of new posts, monitor the number of times each post has been shared, and see how many people like/comment on your articles.

How to follow my favorite bloggers on Bloglovin?

Once you have added your blog to the main Bloglovin platform, you can start following other blogs. Here’s how:

1. Visit the official Bloglovin website or download the app for iOS or Android

2. Select ‘Blog Directory’ in the main menu on the website or app, then click on ‘Follow Blogs’

3. Browse through the bloggers that interest you by searching for them via their name or title

4. Start following your favorite sites! They will then appear in your account (featuring your profile image).

How often should I post on Bloglovin?

Bloglovin isn’t just for sharing or commenting on blogger profiles – you can also post yourself directly! When you have time away from writing blog posts, check through your favorite sites and copy any interesting content into a new draft. Set a schedule for when you want to publish them (or make them ‘Public’), then sit back and wait for the likes to start rolling in.

Newbie? Follow these Blogvin tips to become a PRO!

To let you know more about the benefits of this service, we will be providing our readers with some helpful tips that you can apply in your daily blogging activities through this amazing website:

Setup an Account

The first thing to do is set up an account for yourself. If you already have one, find out how people can easily follow your blog so they receive notifications when you publish a new post. It’s important because it gives them a chance to read all of your posts without losing time hunting them down.

If you don’t have a blog yet, then better set one up for yourself to start creating your profile and making it popular, just like other blogs around the web. That way, you’ll also get to know how blogging works before actually starting with this thing. If you are interested in fashion or beauty, find out what value-added contents you can share on Bloglovin’ to get more attention online, bringing new visitors your way.

Be Flexible

Always be flexible when sharing content with others since not everyone might want to read reviews on products or fashion trends that they are not interested in. Bloggers need to stay open-minded about different topics, so they do not turn away potential readers who love reading about other topics on your blog.

Value in Content

If you want people to follow your blog, find out what value-added contents you can share with them online while not limiting yourself to a specific category. If your passion is fashion and beauty, be sure to include some tech articles related to this topic in one way or another, including tech trends from the industry that affect fashion or even how it can be used around us nowadays. 

It’s important because these non-fashion posts will increase traffic on your actual content, which might get lost among similar blogs on Bloglovin’. If you are passionate about tech, add some beauty tips along the way for maximum exposure so both of these fans can enjoy reading about the things they love most.

Niche-Specific Topics

To become an influencer online, you have to become a professional in a specific topic. If a blog has been around for years and is gaining more and more traction, it will most likely be recognized by top brands in various industries that can set up partnerships with their products. To get noticed by such brands, find out what kind of content they share with others on Bloglovin’ so you can create similar or better things from your web page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Obtaining backlinks on Bloglovin might be a time-consuming procedure. While working on a certain topic, you can provide backlinks to other creators. This may motivate them to do the same for you later.

How can I get more followers on Bloglovin?

You can get more followers on Bloglovin’s by following other users, making comments, and sharing posts. You also help grow your follower count by liking and favoriting the articles of people you read regularly. 

This is a great way to make new friends! On the flip side, if you don’t follow anyone else, nobody will be able to follow you! So sign up for an account today and get started building your Bloglovin’ community 🙂

Do you need HTML to publish on Bloglovin?

No! Bloglovin does not require HTML, and you can simply copy and paste your article inside the box they provide.

How do I add Bloglovin code to my blog?

To add Bloglovin code to your blog:

1. Log in to Blogger and go to Layout 

2. Scroll down to Templates, but don’t click anything

3. Above the footer section, a box with “Post Footer” should be written inside it. Click this text once so that you’re editing the post footer. The box will say “Post Footer – Edit HTML.”

4. In the new window that pops up, select all of the code and delete it. Then copy and paste this code into the window: 

<ahref=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> 

5. Replace 12345678 with your unique claim code. You can find this by logging into your Bloglovin account, and your claim code is listed below the title of your blog!

6. Scroll down a little bit and make sure to save by clicking Update. If it doesn’t work, try refreshing the page and then keeping it.

REMEMBER: this code needs to be added between <head> </head> tags to work properly. This template tag should only show up on posts, not pages or archives/categories. Also, remember that changing templates will cause any widgets you have set up below the footer to disappear, so you’ll have to re-add them! 

Wrapping it up!

That’s all! 

Now you can enjoy Bloglovin’ and stay updated with your favorite blogs without having to check each one every time there’s something new! 

Let us know what you think of this service in the comments section below! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Enjoy Bloglovin!!

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