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How to Create PBN Backlinks in Blogger Blog

Creating backlinks for your website is essential for increasing your search engine rankings. One of the most common ways to do this is by creating a PBN (Private Blog Network). This method is quite easy and effective, and in this article, I will show you how to create PBN backlinks in a Blogger blog.

Blogger.com is a free blogger platform provided by Google. It’s easy to use, and it functions well. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to share their ideas with the world. There are several free templates, and you can also use CSS to make your Blog look the way you want. You will fully host your Blog on blogger.com, and you will have your unique URL, such as https://myname.blogspot.com. Anyone can start using blogger.com to create a blog instantly without prior knowledge of web designing or HTML coding. Once you have decided to start blogging, the only thing you have to do is open your new blogger account and let the words flow.

How to Create PBN Backlinks is a sceen shot of Blogger

What is PBN and How to Use Blogger for PBN

A private blog network (PBN) is a collection of blogs (usually created using WordPress, Blogger, or other blogging platforms) privately owned and operated by one person. The purpose of each Blog in the network is to link out to other websites and other posts on the same site.

What is the purpose of PBN?

The purpose of creating PBN is to earn affiliate commissions, and we can also use it for other purposes, including building links to promote your website, increasing authority and trust for your brand, and gaining traffic from search engines.

Importance of PBN Links

PBNs are essential because they help you increase your backlink profile, leading to more traffic for your site. There are many benefits of using a private blog network, and one of them will help you attain a high ranking on Google. You can also do many things with the help of PBN links. For example, you can create artificial authority around your niche using this link-building technique.

Creating PBN links in Blogspot is a great way to get your Blog extra attention. These links help your blog rank in Google’s search results and help you get more traffic by driving people to your site from PBN sites. These links are also known as backlinks, the technical term for which is “link juice.”

Creating PBN links in BlogSpot is not rocket science. Add a text link to the body of your post. This link should contain a unique phrase that will indicate what type of PBN link this is. It can be anything from a keyword or phrase search engine optimization (SEO) tool, such as Moz or SEMrush, a company name related to whatever it is you’re trying to promote, or even a URL for whatever page you’re linking to.

PBN On Blogspot Blog

We can create PBN backlinks on the Blogspot blog. So, first, we have to make a Blogspot blog for creating PBN backlinks.

How to Create Blogspot Blog

Create an account on Blogger.com. Once you have completed your Blog, you will be asked to select a template. There are a lot of templates out there that you can use. So, pick one that looks nice and makes it easy to add content.

Next, you need to go into settings and change the template to no longer say “Blog” but rather “Website” instead. Most people miss a vital step because they fail to change their Blog to a website.

Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Go back into the settings and change the URL name to something more relevant and professional. Again, it is one of the most overlooked aspects of setting up these blogs. But by doing this, you will give yourself a much better chance of success with your link-building efforts. It is also vital that you make it sound relevant, so if you are trying to rank for a particular keyword phrase, then try and include that in your URL name and in your title tag on the site itself.

The next step is to write some content for your blog post.

When creating PBN links in BlogSpot, there are two main ways you can go about doing it:

1) Creating individual posts and then linking them together into one post

The first method is called “building separate posts” in BlogSpot. And involves creating individual posts with specific keywords or keywords that relate to your main post. This method is significant because you can immediately see how many people have come to your website from that individual post when you publish a separate post. The key is to choose keywords helpful in ranking for but not so competitive that too many people are trying to rank for them.

2) Creating one long post and then breaking it up into multiple subtopics or categories

If you’re looking for something barely different than that, the easiest way to create PBN links is by breaking up one long post into multiple subtopics or categories. If you’re looking for an article that addresses anything from “How To Use Blogspot For Marketing” to “How To Be A Successful Blogger,” we can use this method for each of those topics.

Tips for How to Create PBN Backlinks

With these tips, you will have everything you need to know about link building for PBNs.

Always use relevant anchor text.

When you build a PBN link, always make sure that the anchor text is relevant to the page’s content that you are linking to. It is essential because if you don’t use anchor text that is relevant, then Google can see right through your link-building tactics. And they will penalize your site or even remove it from their index altogether.

Quality Content

Try putting up some quality content on your blog networks sites, such as guest posts and infographics. When you have enough links pointing to your site, then you can get away with buying links from places like Fiverr and others.

Keep in mind that PBNs work best if their content is of no less quality than what is found on regular websites. Just because a website is private does not mean it will rank better than a public one. So, make sure that your content is as good as those found on the leading stream internet.

Keywords Placement

It also helps to maintain the natural diversity of keywords for each site on your network. This way, it will feel more “natural” when you get a manual penalty from Google.

Relevancy of Anchor Text

When building links, the key is to be strategic and intelligent. The most important thing is to ensure that anchor text is relevant to the industry when making links. If you build connections with anchor text irrelevant to the industry, you will not get a high rank, and Google will see your site as manipulative.

Limit The Number of Links

You also have to limit the number of links each domain gives. Otherwise, it may look like you’re trying too hard to deceive Google’s algorithm. If a part has hundreds of links pointing towards it, Google might think that you purchased them all or that they were built through another manipulative way.

Smart Placement of Targeting Pages

Clever placement of targeting pages across the domain means you do not want all of your PBN pages on one part or one IP address. It makes it look too obvious. There is a network of pages because they are all hosted on one server space, and Google will see this as manipulation. You want to spread out all of your target pages across the domain. So that it does not look like there are targeted pages at all.

Real SEO optimization must take place on all web pages.

If you want to build links using a PBN, you need to ensure that the page’s information is relevant and valuable to the reader. But If you can’t offer any valuable content on the page, people probably won’t link to it even if you pay them. Suppose you want to use PBNs for your SEO campaign. You must ensure that at least some of your sites provide real value to readers through their content.

Avoid cross-linking websites unnaturally.

There’s nothing worse than having multiple web pages linking to each other. In a way that makes it obvious that they’re connected. For example, if your website is “A” and your PBN site is “B,” avoid linking them together like this: A > B > A > B > A > B > A > B. This pattern is easily recognizable by Google and will hurt your website’s rankings.

Is PBN safe for SEO?

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Is it a good idea to share links on a blog network I own? Will Google penalize me for that?”

The answer is yes and no.

Suppose you are building an authority site solely to rank your PBN links. Then yes, you will be penalized. If you have a website with tons of authority and great content (that happens to have PBN links), then no, you won’t be penalized.

However, if there is any sign of spam in your link profile, such as anchor text or over-optimized anchor text, do not expect it to be ignored by Google. These are all things that will get your site penalized by search engines. So the safest way to approach this is to use your PBNs for link building only when the link is organic or natural. It means that the connection will help rank your site higher, but it will help boost your existing rankings. Also, avoid over-optimizing anchor text. Google can pick up on this, and your site might get penalized.

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