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Top 5 Practical Uses of Python Language in the Real World

The digital world in which we live is controlled by code. Software is essential to the smooth operation of every sector, including finance, healthcare, military & other sectors. There are multiple programming languages available that make the software development process much easier. 

One of these is Python, which has emerged as the most profitable and fascinating programming language. According to a poll, almost 80% of developers use Python as their primary coding language. This is primarily due to the language’s rich libraries and frameworks.

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But have you ever considered why Python is so well-liked though? What is the key behind Python’s popularity and notoriety around the world? The answer is simple—Python is one of the best programming languages & has multiple applications.

Whatever your development and data science needs may be, Python and other associated Python programs can handle them. But before we move on to the real-life applications of Python, let’s get a brief overview. 

Python – An Overview:

Python is regarded as an interpreted general-purpose programming language and one of the finest object-oriented, interpreted & high-level languages available. 

It is dynamically typed, garbage collected, and supports multiple computer languages, including operational & structured programming languages. Python was developed in 1989 by Guido Van Rossum and placed a strong emphasis on the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept, which makes Python code easier to read. 

Python is a practical tool for efficiently automating repetitive activities due to its powerful string manipulation, enormous selection of user-friendly libraries, and simple shell access. There are many uses for the Python programming language. It is a versatile programming language that is not concentrated on addressing a particular problem. 

Python will be among the most widely used programming languages in 2021 due to its user & beginner-friendly features. Despite such, many people don’t understand why Python is so popular.  Let’s clarify why Python is so popular!

Simple Syntax: Python is an easy programming language to learn, read, and use because of its uncomplicated syntax. One of the factors contributing to Python’s appeal is the ease and speed with which projects can be created with it.

Beginner friendly: Python is regarded as one of the greatest programming languages for beginners since it is simple to learn and use.

Open Source: Python is regarded as one of the top open-source programming languages, which entails anybody can use or distribute it without charge, even if they intend to use it for profit.

Versatile: Without a doubt, Python can be used for various applications, including machine learning and web development.

5 Real-world Applications of Python:

It’s significantly simpler to construct applications with Python because it supports cross-platform operating systems. Some of the most well-known programs, including YouTube, DropBox, and others, use Python to execute their operation. Let us look at some other real-world applications of it.

1. Web Development

Python can be used to quickly create web applications. How? The frameworks that Python Language utilizes to build these apps are to thank. Web frameworks written in Python are renowned for their flexibility, scalability, and security. Additionally, essential libraries like Requests, BeautifulSoup, Paramiko, Feedparser, and Twisted Python are included in Python’s Package Index.

These frameworks are made with the aid of a wide range of libraries that can help integrate protocols like HTTPS, FTP, and SSL & the processing of JSON, XML, email, and many more formats.

Additionally, Python Language has built-in tools and modules that simplify the web development process. Using Python’s advantages, such as fantastic visualization, ease of development, improved security, and a speedy development process, might create the best web application.

2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The hottest topics right now are artificial intelligence and machine learning. Creating AI & ML algorithms is made by Python’s built-in tools and modules. Additionally, it provides developers with clear, concise, and legible code, making it simpler to create sophisticated algorithms and a flexible flow.

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Why Python? Because it brings support for these domains using the already-existing libraries, including Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, and numerous others.

3. Game Development

The art of building new games is known as game development. It depicts how the game was planned, brought in, and developed. The creation process of a game involves ideas, design, testing, and delivery. While game creation, consider players, commitment, level design, and game mechanics.

Python has emerged as an outstanding choice for game creation in the rapidly expanding gaming industry. Popular games like Battlefield 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bridge Commander & more can use Python applications for various functions and add-ons. 

With its game-development frameworks and tools, the Python Language application is well-equipped. Pygame, Pycap, Construct, Panda 3D, Pysoy, and PyopenGL are game development libraries for 2D and 3D games. Game development is now simple with Python applications.

4. Robotics 

Robotics is the branch of technology that creates, develops, and manufactures robots. It involves the design, development, and use of machines (robots) to carry out tasks that are typically performed by people.

Robots are frequently used in industries like vehicle production to carry out simple, monotonous tasks and in workplaces where work must be performed in hazardous environments for humans. Apps are written in Python to aid in programming robots.

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Instead of having to manually teach a robot sentences, you may create content that works and record and recreate an entire robot program. That would enable you to quickly test and simulate your solutions while also improving the program’s logic.

Python API allows developers to mechanize robot routines, control the robot from various components, control the robot during simulations, and invoke subroutines in robot joints.

5. Desktop GUI 

A graphical user interface is a collection of visually engaging interactive elements from the software. Clients can pass data and addresses using GUI devices. The tone, size, or permeability of the articles vary as per the client’s association.

Python’s applications are also in use and demonstrate their effectiveness here. Its clear syntax and methodical programming style are essential for creating a speedy and responsive GUI. It simplifies the entire process of improvement. 

Python Language application libraries like Tkinter, WXWidgets, Kivy, PYOT, and others are used by desktop GUIs. Desktop GUI is made simple to use by Python programs. Simple programs like calculators and to-do apps are good places to start. And then Python apps can be used to develop numerous other complex applications.

Final Words:

Python is a powerful and adaptable programming language. Applications written in Python have rapidly become popular among developers from all backgrounds. In many ways, it is magnificent. Its ability to express itself in so many different ways is incredible. Its extensive and varied library and tools deserve all the praise.

Here we have highlighted the top 5 Python real-world applications. Given the capabilities and application, it is more than understandable if you decide to pick Python as your first choice for a programming language.
Due to its ease of use and abundance of powerful libraries, Python has significantly changed the business. It also provides a variety of applications that increase productivity. If you want to witness what Python can do for you, hire Python programmers and get started!

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