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“10 Best” Press Release Software in (2024)

As you may know, a press release is an official statement released by a company or individual to the media for promotional purposes. The objective of a press release is that it gets your business noticed by the public. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking information on press releases and distribution services. Webys will go over the subject in depth. Continue reading.

Primary Function of a Press Release

A press release’s primary function is to inform or update the public about a recent development. However, good press releases do more than that. They position companies as trusted sources of information and build trust with customers by demonstrating competence and knowledge about their area of expertise.

A well-written press release is short and to the point but follows a standard format:

  • Headline – catch the reader’s attention
  • Summary – a one to two sentence overview of the press release
  • Body – the details of the press release, including what it is, when it happened, and who is involved
  • Contact information – name, phone number, and email address of person releasing the statement
  • Boilerplate (optional)

Press releases have a set format that you can use as a guide when writing your own.

When are press releases effective?

Press releases are only effective if they’re distributed correctly, which is why you need to distribute them to the largest audience possible. This gives you maximum exposure and, hence, greater potential to be noticed by the public. 

Utilizing social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to distribute press releases can be a great way to have them viewed by a large audience. However, you must be strategic when distributing your press release through social media channels.

The best press release distribution services for 2024

The concept of business, technology, the Internet, and the network. A young entrepreneur working on a virtual screen of the future sees the inscription: Distribution

Within the fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology, there’s always something new and exciting to learn. Businesses must stay on top of current trends to be successful, so press release distribution services are crucial for business owners. 

A press release can get your brand in front of thousands or even millions of readers, making it a powerful marketing tool. There are many press release distribution services to choose from, but not all are created equal. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best press release distribution services. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Business Wire

Business Wire
Business Wire – Press Release

Pricing: From $475.00 /release

Business Wire is a press release distribution service that sends press releases to journalists and other interested parties. They are an important name in press release distribution services and are well-known and trusted. If you’re looking to distribute a press release, Business Wire might be a good choice.

They have been in business since 1961, and it is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company offers various services, including press release distribution, news wire services, and corporate communications.

Business Wire has many satisfied customers, including Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Apple, and General Electric. The company has won numerous awards, including the 2017 Silver Stevie Award for Innovation in PR and Marketing

2. PR Newswire

Pricing: From $350/release

PR Newswire is another well-established press release distribution service with an extensive network of contacts. They have been in business for over 60 years, and they work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Since 1954, PR Newswire has been helping businesses and organizations communicate with the news media. They offer various distribution options, including email, fax, and online. You can also choose to target your press release to specific journalists or media outlets.

3. EIN Presswire

Eni Presswire
Eni Presswire – Press Release

Pricing: starts at $49.95 per release

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective press release distribution service, another big name to consider is off EIN Presswire. EIN Presswire helps you get your message out to the world.

With an extensive network of contacts and years of experience in the industry, EIN Presswire can help you get your message out to the right people quickly and easily.

EIN Presswire offers a variety of distribution options, so you can be sure that your press release will reach the right audience. You can choose to have your release sent out as an email blast, posted on the EINpresswire website, or distributed to a network of media contacts.

4. 24/7 Press Release

ENI price
24/7 Press Release

Pricing: starts at $19 per release

24/7 Press Release is a newer player in the press release distribution space, but they have made a big impact thanks to its user-friendly platform and low prices. They offer free distribution for press releases under 500 words.

With 24/7 Press Releases, you can easily create and send your press releases to journalists, bloggers, and other media members. 24/7 Press Release also offers various other services, including press release writing, SEO, and social media marketing. With these services, you can ensure that your press releases receive the attention they deserve.

5. eReleases

Pricing: From $299/release

If you’re a business owner who wants to share important news via press releases, your press release must get as much exposure as possible. One great way to distribute your company’s press releases is by using eReleases. 

eReleases is a press release distribution service that helps businesses to get their news in front of the right people. eReleases has a vast network of journalists, bloggers, and other media outlets, and they can help you target your press release to the right audience. They work with some of the biggest names in business, including Ford, Coca-Cola, and Prudential.

They also offer some other services, such as press release writing and editing, media list building, and more. eReleases is another alternative to consider if you’re looking for a way to get your company’s news in front of the right people.

6. Brandpush

News Stories  often rank on google
BrandPush – Press Release

Pricing: From $195/release

Brandpush is a press release distribution service that helps businesses get their news out to the public. With years of experience, Brandpush has a proven track record of getting press releases in front of the right people. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable press release distribution service, Brandpush is a good choice.

They offer several different distribution options to meet the needs of any business. Brandpush can distribute your press release to their entire network, or they can custom tailor a distribution package that only includes the outlets that are most relevant for your news.

You have complete discretion over how much you want to be involved in the process with Brandpush. They offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, and their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

7. NewswireJet

NewswireJet – Press Release

Pricing: starts at $59 per release

Nowadays, businesses can use any means of communication to get their message out. One such tool is a press release distribution service like NewswireJet.

NewswireJet is a platform that allows businesses to send out their press releases to a large audience of journalists, bloggers, and other interested parties. This can be a great way to get your message in front of many people quickly and easily.

To use NewswireJet, all you need to do is create an account and then enter your press release. You can then choose the channels you want to send it to, including print, online, and broadcast media. Furthermore, you can also select the specific reporters or bloggers you want to target with your press release.

8. SBWire

Pricing: starts at $49 per release

Next on the list, we have SBWire, another promising provider of press release distribution services. Their platform allows businesses and organizations to send out press releases to a broad audience of journalists, bloggers, and consumers. SBWire also offers extensive analytics so companies can track the performance of their press releases.

SBWire has been in business for quite a time now and has served over 100,000 customers. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands, such as Microsoft and Ford, trust their platform. They offer a wide range of distribution options, and their platform is easy to use. Plus, their analytics will help you track the performance of your press release. 

9. PRWeb

Pricing: starts at $99 per release

PR Web is another established press release distribution service with an extensive network of contacts. They have been in business for over 20+ years, and they work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Microsoft and Apple.

PRWeb is a press release distribution service that helps businesses and organizations communicate their news to the world. Press releases distributed through PRWeb are picked up by major media outlets and can help you reach a wider audience with your message.

To create a press release, you first need to develop a catchy headline and write a brief synopsis of your news. You can then upload your release in PDF or HTML format, and PRWeb will distribute it to their network of media outlets. As a result, PRWeb is one of the most trusted names in press release distribution, and you can consider using their services!

10. GlobeNewswire

Pricing: From $150/release

Lastly, we have GlobeNewswire. It is a leading press release distribution service, providing companies of all sizes with the tools and services they need to communicate with the media, shareholders, and other key audiences. GlobeNewswire’s extensive distribution network ensures that your press releases reach their intended audiences, while its cutting-edge tools help you track and measure the results of your distribution.

Your press releases get distributed instantly via email, which means it’s also easy for journalists to find them through an Internet search. GlobeNewswire also offers a range of powerful tools to help you track the success of your releases and measure the reach of your message.

Final Words

If you’re looking to get the most out of your press releases, then any of these top 10 services will do the trick. They all offer great distribution options and additional features like SEO assistance and social media integration. So whatever your business needs, there’s a press release distribution service that can help.

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