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5 SEO Tools Which Can Help in Improving Search Engine Ranking

When it comes to improving the SEO ranking of your website, there are a lot of different dimensions and facets that you have to focus on. For example, you have to make sure that your content is properly optimized. Similarly, you have to make sure that you’re using the right keywords for your website.

Considering the wide range of factors that you have to be mindful of, it’s somewhat understandable that you cannot do it all on your own. In other words, when you want to improve the SEO ranking of your website, you have to take the help of online tools.

And in this post, we are going to be looking at five such tools that you can use to improve your website’s SEO rank.

Let’s get started.

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5 SEO Tools for Improving SEO Ranking

Here is a list of the five SEO tools that you can use to improve your site’s SEO rank.

1.     Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Keywords are, as they say, the lifeblood of SEO. Without knowing the right keywords for your online business, you can’t really make much progress.

Before starting out your SEO campaign, you have to create a keyword strategy that you can implement consistently.

And in order to help you with that, the Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs is a great tool.

Ahrefs report where showing how the blog gose everyday

With the Keyword Explorer, you can find useful and critical information about any keyword. For example, you can check how difficult it is to Improving Ranking for that particular keyword. Similarly, you can see the total search volume as well as the global volume.

All these metrics basically enable you to determine and select the keywords that you have to incorporate into your strategy.

Although this tool is highly useful and it’s one of the best available online, it comes with the hitch of being a paid-only service.


  • Provides excellent metrics for keyword research
  • Provides global volume (volume from different countries)
  • Gives thousands of keyword suggestions

2.     Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

To start off, we should mention that a plagiarism checker is not an SEO tool per se…in the strictest of definitions.

However, since plagiarism checkers can play a direct role in the SEO-friendliness of a website, we are mentioning this one here.

Essentially, when you want to create content for your website’s SEO (be it for the website texts or blogs etc.), you have to make sure that it is unique to Improving Ranking.

If you create content that is unique and engaging, then it can help your website in boosting its rank in the SERPs.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to discussing the tool itself.

Is an image showing how to use the SEO software whit a green button in the end

The plagiarism checker Free by Prepostseo, is one of the most popular and accurate tools in the industry. It comes loaded with a range of useful features, and you can start using it for free.

Although this plagiarism detector can be used for free, there are some encumbrances and limits that you will have to deal with. For one, you will only be able to enter 1,000 words in a single go (1,500 if you are registered). Similarly, you will also have to deal with a lot of ads around the interface to Improving Ranking.

However, other than these hitches, the tool is pretty great. There are multiple importing options that you can use for fetching your content to the tool. You can type the stuff in directly, upload it from your device or fetch it from your Google Drive storage.

There are some features that you can use before starting the process, such as excluding quotes and excluding specific URLs from being included in the check.

After the process is complete, the results themselves are also given very excellently. The content is shown in its original shape and structure (and not in a sentence-wise breakdown, as is the case with some other tools), and the plagiarized sentences are clearly shown in red.


  • Free to use
  • Accurate working
  • Multiple importing options
  • Excellent results and downloadable report

3.     Google Analytics

google analytics showing how the websites go and you can check every pages

Let’s take a look at a free tool from Google that is wildly popular. A variety of data is available through Google Analytics that can be used to improve your search engine optimization campaign. Data about your site and visitors can be tracked and analyzed using this tool.

Google Analytics tracks your website in three ways:

  • Pageviews. Whenever someone visits a page on your site, this will be triggered.
  • Events. If someone takes action on your website, this will be triggered.
  • Transactions. When a visitor makes a purchase on your website, this trigger occurs.

Using Google Analytics can improve your SEO, site performance, and marketing efforts.

Features of Google Analytics:

  • You can segment data and dig deeper by adding secondary dimensions to your reports
  • Using advanced filters, you can segment the results of your data to focus on the data that is most relevant to you
  • You can use pivot view to quickly create pivot tables without having to export your data in Excel sheets.

4.     Yoast Content Analyzer

The content that you use for your SEO needs plays a major role in the efficacy of your strategy. For example, if you want your blog to contribute heavily to the increase in your site’s rank in the SERPs, you need to make sure that your posts are readable, keyword-optimized, etc.

In order to help with this, the Yoast Content Analyzer is a great tool that you can use and can help to Improve Ranking.

Yoast showing how to fix your SEO

When you enter your content in the field provided by the tool, it scans the text in real-time. Then, it lets you know about various SEO and content readability assessments.

For example, this tool will let you know if your content has a focus keyword or not. Similarly, it will tell you things such as:

  • Lack of images in the content
  • Lack of inbound and outbound links
  • Lack of SEO title

Similarly, apart from these SEO assessments, this tool will also help you fix readability issues in the text by pointing out things like:

  • Usage of passive voice
  • Score in the Flesch Reading Ease test
  • The appropriate number of transition words


  • Free to use
  • No sign up needed
  • Comes with an excellent integrated text editor
  • Provides useful insights for the content

5.     Canva

Once again, the tool that we are mentioning now is not exactly an SEO tool. However, since it is a graphic designing tool, it can be considered to be a very important and vital tool for SEO since images and graphics are needed quite a lot for things like blogs and website content and can Improving Ranking.

Canva is basically a free-to-use graphic designing tool that comes equipped with a lot of features. You can create images, banners, logos, and various sorts of graphics using this tool.

This tool can be a great help for SEO since it can allow you to create images for your website content or for inserting them in your blog posts. Images play a direct role in the SEO ranking of a website since they can make the site visible in image searches and they can increase user engagement.

Canva logo in blue

There are a lot of different features that you can use with this tool. You can use premade templates, work on your own images, add text, effects, elements, and much more.

The best part about Canva is that it is free to start. While there are many features that are locked behind a paywall, there is sufficient stuff available for free users as well.


  • Free to start
  • Hundreds of templates and elements are available
  • Uploading, downloading, and sharing options
  • It can be used online without any downloads


When it comes to doing the SEO of your website, there is a lot of stuff that you have to take care of. Doing it all on your own can be taxing and time-taking. That is why we use tools to get some help.

In this post, we looked at five tools that you can use to improve your site’s SEO ranking.

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