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Google SandBox: Is Google SandBox a Probationary Period For New Website Owners?

If you want to know the truth about SandBox, then you must read this article thoroughly.

The Google Sandbox alludes to a supposed filter that keeps new sites positioned on Google’s top result page. If you are a newbie as a web owner, Google will work against you and prevent you from Google’s top searches.  

You can suppose it like a probationary period. As if you do everything right, you will still not get your desired result (your success) as an owner of a new site. However, Google never confirms Google SandBox. So, we can’t say that it is true. Let’s see what’s the truth:

An Overview of Google SandBox as a Probationary Period

Like many other people, you must also consider why different people, especially bloggers, started thinking that Google SandBox exists.

In 2004, SEO experts and some website specialists noticed that their new sites were not ranking on Google. Even if they did everything brilliantly with SEO and keywords. Then they further researched and got into a result that those SEO optimized sites were ranking on other search engines.

And then they gave this term the name “SandBox,” which works like a probationary period. Google did not trust new sites. Then co-founder of Moz (Rand Fishkin) gave this term the name “SandBox,” which works like a probationary period. Google did not trust new sites.

Then co-founder of Moz (Rand Fishkin) said that SEOmoz is at last Sandbox free interestingly since their transition to this area nine months prior. They are in good company. Numerous people had destinations break, and he was glad for every one of them.

What is the Period of Google SandBox?

When you create a new site, you must know that your site will not rank for a long or short period. But how much time will Google SandBox take?

Well, no one knows how much it will take to remove Google SandBox from his site. It can take from a few weeks up to a year to connect SandBoox to your website. This value is always uncertain because Google says that there is no SandBox, so Google never gave the timing of SandBox.

According to some webmasters, this probationary period for all new owners of websites is a real test of patience. Because, at this time, they will not get their legal reward despite their all efforts, including SEO optimization and keyword research.


Signs that your Site is in SandBox of Google

Are you also not sure whether your website is also in Google Sandbox? If so, then we present you with some signs that will prove that whether your site is in danger of SandBox or not. So, here are those signs:

  • If Google is not showing your site or its pages in Google search even if you search exact name of your site or accurate heading etc.
  • And if your site is being ranked in other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, Google does not show your website on the first page of results.
  • If your competitors’ websites are being ranked on Google rightly.
  • Also,iIf you have older websites, then see whether they rank on Google with the same SEO. If they do rank, then you are in a big problem with SandBox.
  • Also,iIf your website has a proper position in SERP and then suddenly, it loses its place and gets stuck into a position between 30 to 500 posts in the SERP. If it happened to you, then you already know what that means.
  • And, if you have never come across this kind of stuff with your new website, but you still think that your website is in danger, then you might be wrong.

Is Google behind this Probationary Period for Newcomers?

It is evident that Google is entirely familiar with the term “Google SandBox”. But here, a question arises that whether Google has made it a topic or not. So, the most basic answer to this question is “yes”. In a Tweet in 2016, Gary Illyes said that Google don’t have a “sandbox”.

But when we did some more research about this topic, we got that on Feb 23, 2018, search advocate of Google John Mueller said that concerning Sandbox, he didn’t have this customary Sandbox that a great deal of SEOs used to discuss in the years past. They had various calculations that may seem to be comparative; however, these are basic calculations attempting to see how the site finds a place with the remainder of the sites trying to rank for those questions. It was consistently precarious first and foremost when they had another site, and they didn’t exactly have the foggiest idea where he should put it.

It indicates that they use an algorithm that works like a SandBox that many SEO experts indicate. But they are still not ready to call it “a Google SandBox”.

How Google SandBox Work and Why new websites do not get Ranked?

SEO experts have indicated many times that SandBox exists in the algorithms list of Google. But Google has always denied this fact, and Google said that there is a strict algorithm of Google that stops new websites from growing.

Google also indicated that it is new website owners’ mistake that they are not getting ranked. It is not Google’s mistake. Here are a few reasons why new websites do not get ranked:

  • They are posting fewer articles or blog posts on their website. Especially in the beginning, you have to post as much as possible to get a better result.
  • They are not using backlinks, or they are utilizing fewer backlinks.
  • They are not SEO optimizing their blog and blog posts.
  • They are working on a niche with high competition.


It would help if you ended this discussion with the thought that you have to work hard and hard every time. We have seen that SandBox exists, but it will not affect you if your content is the best.

So, never stop working on your website and take SandBox as a probationary period. It would be best if you always worked hard but smartly.

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