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Getting a Free backlink from Microsoft can drive your website ranking up | Best Way (2024)

Getting a free backlink from Microsoft can drive your website ranking up. Having one of the biggest search engine-ranked sites backing you up will ensure that your website gets to the top ranks faster. 

If you’re wondering how to obtain a free backlink from Microsoft, this post will give you some pointers on how to get backlinks quickly.

In the past, creating a webpage or website was a very tedious process. To make your webpage search engine friendly, you had to add keywords and relevant content on every single page on your site. 

This is still an excellent strategy for getting people to find your website when researching a particular topic. However, SEO has changed in the past few years, and backlinks now play an essential role in ranking a site on search engines.

Backlinks are links that point to your site or blog. They are placed throughout the internet by other sites, and they help improve your site’s rankings on search engine results pages. Search engines view backlinks as a type of vote. 

The more backlinks you have, the better chances your site can be found quickly through a search engine.

On the other hand, having too many backlinks is not recommended. If they are all from the same source, they can harm your site’s search engine rankings by giving you too much of a good thing. 

Regarding backlinks, quantity is important, but the quality makes or breaks your search engine results page ranking. It would be better for you to have only a few quality backlinks than to have too many low-quality backlinks.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Some people argue that backlinks are not important at all for SEO purposes anymore. It is difficult to say whether or not they are right; after all, no one can accurately predict what Google will do next. They may be correct, especially for large or well-established websites. 

However, there are still some good reasons to obtain backlinks that cannot be ignored. Backlinks help sites in many easy, including:

  • Finding more customers
  • Branding and awareness
  • Easier to rank high with the help of other sites

What Are NoFollow Backlinks?

Getting a free backlink from Microsoft

Another crucial concept to remember when discussing backlinks is NoFollow Backlinks.

Some sites choose to place “nofollow” links on their websites, which is a way of telling the search engines that these are not recommended links for you to follow. 

When you see a link with this tag, do not expect any search engine ranking increases for your site. This does not mean that the link is bad. However, it just means it will not help you rank higher on search engine results pages.

NoFollow tags can appear on links in various ways, depending on where they are located and what content they point to. The tag will always appear as “rel=”nofollow.” 

The best and most suggested strategy is to obtain high-quality DoFollow backlinks. That will improve your site’s ranks because these backlinks are extremely reputable in Google’s eyes!

Getting Backlinks from Microsoft: Best Ways

Getting a free backlink from Microsoft is not as hard as you may have thought. Here are some strategies to obtain backlinks from the tech behemoth – Mircosoft!

Ask For A Link From Microsoft

The best way to get a free backlink from Microsoft is to ask for it. Yes, you read that right. You can simply contact their press team or website and ask for a link.

[What to say?]: You can say something like this: “I’m writing an article on best practices with Microsoft Excel. And I would like to feature your company as a case study.”

Many bloggers have used this strategy, which has yielded results for them. Would it work for you? Surely it can; try it out and see yourself!

Become A Contributor Or Freelancer

Another way to get free backlinks from Microsoft is to become a contributor or freelancer. You can register yourself in their marketplace, which is another way of saying that you are free to contribute articles in exchange for backlinks from Microsoft. 

This option can be more expensive since you have to pay a small amount before they approve your registration as a writer, so this should only be used if the first way did not work out.

RSS Feeds Way 

One great technique to obtain free backlinks from Microsoft is adding your RSS feed to other websites and blogs that will allow you to do so. 

Although it will not be visible, the link is there, and each time your blog or website gets updated with new content, search engines will see this as another backlink.

Login To Your Windows Live Mail Account And Click The ‘Share’ Button

Next on the list is a way you may already be doing, which is logging in to your windows live mail account and just clicking the share button on the upper right corner of the screen. This will give you one line of code that you can use to put on your website.

However, this will only give you a one-line code with no link back to Microsoft, which won’t help your website ranking. This is just another way of getting free backlinks from Microsoft quickly.

Create And Promote A Link Directory

If you have the time and resources, consider creating a link directory for your website or blog. Many online tools can make an excellent link directory for you to use. You can then promote your link directory on other sites, and people will be more than happy to add their links to the list. Link directories are another great way to get links from top sites, like Microsoft!

Write Guest Posts On Other Sites

Writing guest posts on other sites is another great way to receive links for giving value to others. If you offer high-quality posts with helpful information, you can share your website’s link within your post, allowing people to visit your site if they are interested in what you have written. 

For this method to work, try finding out if Microsoft sites allow guest posts. If they allow guest articles, use this strategy, and you’ll be in luck!

SEO Link Building From Microsoft Webmaster Tools

Do you know that Google’s crawlers access non-indexed web pages and then index them? You can ask Microsoft to crawl your links and tell them that you want the page to be crawled and indexed to help your backlink profile. This is a very effective way of getting a free backlink from Microsoft.


How do you determine the best and worst backlinks?

The best backlinks are the ones that your readers get for you because they are just naturally prone to sharing great content that resonates with them. However, it’s somewhat challenging to achieve this type of natural link building just by publishing good articles on your site. It takes time and consistent effort to build real rapport with other site owners.

Some of the main techniques that you should try are to get backlinks from sites that relate to your niche or subject matter, publicize your articles on social media sites, and get attention for your content by publishing it on high-traffic websites. All of these are crucial aspects of creating a successful online presence.

If you need to go beyond these techniques and seek links from other sites, here are some things to remember:

Don’t use techniques that manipulate search engine results. 

Don’t buy links or pay for services that claim to get you ranked better on Google or other major search engines. This kind of activity is a spammer’s way of manipulating the search results and getting your site penalized by Google. 

Don’t ask for links on other sites to be placed in a certain way or for specific keywords to be used. You probably won’t even get what you are looking for, but it will likely be deleted quickly if you do.

Don’t use automated link-building software:  

Whenever you decide to get backlinks from other sites, this is a viral “hack” that many thinks will get them quickly ranked on the top of the search engines. In reality, it just gets your site penalized by Google. Why? 

Almost all of these software programs submit hundreds or thousands of links daily in a short period. This is a classic spammer’s technique, and Google views it as such.

Don’t even think about using doorway pages to get backlinks. 

Doorway pages are not natural-looking web pages with maybe one or two good articles on the site but also a link directory. They are generally multiple pages on a website that have the same home page with a link to your site. And they don’t look natural. Google considers them spam and will penalize anyone who uses this technique.


The importance of backlinks can’t be overstated. They’re the key to ranking higher in search engines and driving more traffic to your site. Which is important for your business’s success. 

To maximize those benefits. Make sure you have a strategy to achieve high-quality links from relevant sites with content that aligns closely with yours. 

Also, if you want backlinks from Microsoft or other major websites, consider looking for them in various ways. 

There are numerous options; we have included some of the above. Try them out to find which one works best for you when it comes to earning Microsoft backlinks.

Is there anything else we didn’t mention about backlinks? Let us know below!

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