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Digital Marketing Is the Holy Grail of Marketing: (6 Reasons Why)

Holy Grail of Marketing, most businesses these days recognize the importance of digital marketing. However, many still struggle to find success with it. One reason for this may be that they are not using growth hacking along with their digital marketing efforts. But what exactly is growth hacking? How is it helping enhance the ROI of digital marketing? Let’s find out.

What Is Growth Hacking?

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Growth On Digital Marketing

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation and learning which can help businesses achieve explosive growth in a short period of time. It involves using creative and innovative marketing techniques to grow a user base quickly and efficiently.

The term growth hacking was coined by Sean Ellis, the first marketer at Dropbox. It can be defined as a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

Learn how to start growth hacking and leverage the power of innovative marketing techniques by visiting various resources that will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to experiment, iterate, and propel your business toward accelerated growth and success.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a brand, service, or product through online mediums. It encompasses a wide range of activities. This includes SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. It is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy. It allows businesses to reach a wider audience more easily and efficiently than traditional marketing methods.

Let’s look at some reasons businesses should use the Holy Grail of Marketing along with digital marketing.

Test and Iterate Digital Marketing Campaigns Quickly

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AD Campaign

Holy Grail of Marketing revolves around testing and iterating quickly. This is perfect for digital marketing campaigns, which can often be tweaked and improved to get better results. With growth hacking, businesses can test different versions of their campaigns and see which ones are most effective. They can then quickly implement the best-performing campaigns to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Let’s say you are using Google Ads to run a digital marketing campaign. You could use different types of Google Ads, such as standard text ads, image ads, and video ads, to see which ones perform the best. Once you know which type of ad is most effective, you can focus your efforts on creating that type of ad.

Reach a Large Audience Quickly

Holy Grail of Marketing, coupled with digital marketing, can help businesses reach a large audience quickly. This is because growth hackers and digital marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach people. They are not afraid to try new things and are always looking for new opportunities.

For example, a business might use growth hacking to get its website featured on a popular blog. This would give the business a lot of exposure to potential customers and help it grow quickly.

Moreover, a business could use digital marketing to create a viral marketing campaign. This would help the business reach a large number of people in a short period of time. This helps them grow exponentially.

Furthermore, a company could use bulk SMS software to easily send mass SMS messages. ClickSend states that if a business wants to contact many people quickly, bulk SMS messaging is the way to go. It’s also commonly referred to as mass texting. Using online software known as an SMS gateway, companies can send thousands of texts easily. With the unrivalled engagement and speed of SMS, the humble text message brings massive results.

Get More Out of the Digital Marketing Budget

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Digital Marketing Budget

While digital marketing can be a great way to reach potential customers, it can also be quite expensive, considering the cost of creating and running a campaign. However, if you use growth hacking along with digital marketing, you can get more out of your budget.

The main reason for this is that the growth Holy Grail of Marketing helps you to focus your efforts on the things that are most likely to generate the best results for your online marketing tactics. This means that you can get more bang for your buck with your digital marketing campaigns.

Also, growth hacking can help you to save money on your digital marketing campaigns. It can help you to find cheaper and more effective ways to reach your target audience.

For example, let’s say that you want to run a Facebook ad campaign. You could use the Holy Grail of Marketing methods, such as finding influencers to share your ad with their followers, to get your ad in front of more people without paying for it.

Generate More Online Leads

Growth hacking can help businesses to generate more leads through online channels. Growth hacking can take advantage of online tools and platforms to reach potential customers who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Let’s suppose a business is using social media marketing to generate leads. The business could use growth hacking techniques to get more people to follow its social media accounts. Some of the ways that this could be done include creating attractive and engaging content, running social media ads, and working with influencers.

Once the business has a large number of followers, it can then start to generate leads by sending out messages and promotions to its followers.

Get More Customers to Engage With Your Brand

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Customers to Engage

While reach is important, it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to digital marketing. You also need to make sure that your target audience is actually engaging with your brand.

Growth hacking can help you to increase the level of engagement that your target audience has with your brand.

For example, a business could use the Holy Grail of Marketing to get more people to sign up for its email list. It would involve using tactics, such as offering a freebie in exchange for an email address, to get people to sign up. Similarly, a business could use growth hacking to get more people to follow its social media accounts.

The bottom line is that if you want more customers to engage with your brands through various digital channels, you need to use the Holy Grail of Marketing.

Grow Your Business Quickly

Holy Grail of Marketing Is a men run to Grow Your Business Quickly
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Last but not least, one of the main advantages of using the Holy Grail of Marketing with digital marketing is that it can help you to grow your business quickly. This is because growth hacking helps you focus on the things most likely to produce results.

For example, use growth hacking to get more people to visit your website. You can then use digital marketing techniques, such as email marketing and social media marketing, to convert those visitors into customers.

Similarly, if you use digital marketing to get more people to follow your brand on social media, you can then use growth hacking techniques, such as influencer marketing, to get your brand in front of even more people.

Growth Hacking vs. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and growth hacking are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between the two.

Digital marketing is a broad term that covers all marketing activities that take place online. It includes everything from SEO and content marketing to social media marketing and email marketing. Digital marketing’s main purpose is to increase brand awareness and encourage customer engagement. This helps the business to promote the product or service they provide.

Growth hacking, on the other hand, is a narrower and more specific term. The main purpose of growth hacking is to find the most efficient way to grow a business. It’s all about finding creative and innovative ways to grow a business quickly and efficiently.

There is a very fine line between growth hacking vs. digital marketing, but it is undeniable that each one requires a different approach. That being said, digital marketing and growth hacking are both essential for businesses that want to succeed in the online world. By using both, businesses can leverage the advantages of each to reach more people, engage with their target audience, and grow quickly.

Examples of Businesses Using Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Together

Here is a look at some examples of businesses that have used digital marketing and growth hacking together to succeed:


Uber is a prime example of a business that has used both digital marketing and growth hacking to succeed. The company used digital marketing to grow its user base quickly. For example, Uber offered free rides to users in select cities to help get more people to try out the service.

At the same time, Uber used growth hacking to find ways to grow its business quickly and efficiently. For example, the company developed a referral program that gave users free rides in exchange for referring new users to the service.


Similarly, Airbnb used digital marketing and growth hacking to become one of the most successful startups in recent years. The company used digital marketing to grow its user base by running ads on popular websites, such as Craigslist.

Airbnb also used growth hacking in conjunction with digital marketing to find ways to increase its user base. For example, the company developed a program that allowed users to list their properties on Airbnb for free. This helped to get more people to use the service and helped Airbnb to grow its user base even further.


Dropbox is another example of a company that used digital marketing and growth hacking to succeed. The company used digital marketing to offer free storage space for users who signed up for the service. Dropbox used growth hacking, where they developed a referral program. It gave users more free storage space for each new user they referred to the service.


We hope this blog helped you understand the difference between digital marketing and growth hacking. It is best to use digital marketing along with growth hacking for the best results.

Both have their own advantages, and when used together, they can complement each other perfectly to help businesses succeed online.

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