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3 Best Tools For Editors To Check Plagiarism

Plagiarism means using someone else’s work, efforts, or ideas by presenting them as your own without crediting the original author. It is unethical and unacceptable by search engines as well as the audience. 

Catching duplicated content out of billions of published papers, magazines, or journals is impossible for human beings, while an AI plagiarism checker tool can effortlessly perform this hectic task in seconds!

This article will give you a detailed overview of the 03 best tools (specifically for Editors) to check plagiarism. All are the most accurate, advanced, and authentic for catching both kinds of plagiarism (direct or indirect). 

Why Is Ensuring Plagiarism-Free Content Crucial for Editors?

An editor or journalist is responsible for maintaining the quality of their newspapers, journals, or magazines, including the content they approve and publish. 

The presence of unintentional direct or indirect plagiarism is highly possible, impacting their publications’ ethical standards and credibility. 

Therefore, ensuring a unique, creative, or original piece of content every time is crucial for them, and an AI plagiarism checker tool has made it a breeze for them to detect plagiarism effortlessly. | The Perfect Alternative to Turnitin is a multilingual content similarity checker tool. Its vast built-in databases include millions of e-books, journals, blogs, articles, PDF files, online documents, etc., ensuring its efficiency in detecting the copied text. 

After comparing the user’s text against the databases, the tool recognizes and highlights every copied sentence, provides the relevant source and link, and prepares a detailed plagiarism report for reference. 

It has the highest accuracy, the most straightforward user interface, and affordable pricing packages to help users prevent plagiarized text. 

The tool is capable of processing up to 25,000 words and checking content in 25+ languages. It also offers to remove plagiarism by selecting individual sentences. 


It is a paid tool and offers 03 premium packages. The tool’s accuracy in detecting the duplicated text and its source will remain the same for all packages. 

  • Students ($5/month): having 10,000 words
  • Professionals ($10/month): includes 100,000 words 
  • Agencies ($100/month): offer 1 Million words


  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • Differentiate between unique and copied text by percentage 
  • Provide the source and link to the site of the original author
  • A PDF plagiarism report will be provided every time the user checks the plagiarism 
  • A fast and intelligent way to proofread the content
  • The best and most efficient alternative to Turnitin
  • Suitable for students, bloggers, educators, journalists, researchers, etc. 
  • It is the perfect tool for checking plagiarism in research papers, blogs, essays, e-books, journals, etc. 
  • It is a multilingual plagiarism checker tool available online 
  • Capable of processing up to 25,000 words/entry
  • Highlight the plagiarized content as “Red” for a quick evaluation 


  • It does not offer free trials 
  • Works on an active internet connection 

Plagiarism Detector powered by

Plagiarism Detector by an article spinner. co is another advanced and accurate tool for catching copied text in a single click. 

It accepts up to 25,000 words for a single check. It can detect plagiarism in content written in multiple languages, such as Arabic, Dutch, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Turkish, Irish, Urdu, Ukrainian, etc. 

The tool gives the user a precise number for both the unique and copied text out of 100 and highlights them separately as “green and red” for original and plagiarized text. 

The plagiarism checker online allows the user to get a detailed plagiarism report for citing the original source or author. It prepares a PDF plagiarism report (downloadable and shareable) containing the details of the content, such as %age of, source, and link. 


Aiarticlespinner. co-presents the most convenient (for both beginners as well as professionals)and the most reliable plagiarism checker tool in a $59/year (10,000 words/month) subscription. 


  • Paid plagiarism checker tool 
  • Affordable, accurate, and advanced 
  • Provide the source and link of the copied text 
  • Prepare a detailed plagiarism report 
  • Accepts multilingual content for plagiarism checking 
  • Process up to 25,000 words/submission 
  • Provide the results in the form of %age 
  • Recommended for professionals and educators 


  • Expensive 
  • Limited word count 

Plagiarism Checker by 

AI Plagiarism Checker by is a well-reputed plagiarism detection tool that is free. Its capacity to analyze an infinite number of words without losing the accuracy or affecting the results is the one key reason for its exceptionality. 

The tool is extremely convenient to operate; the user is not even required to sign up before checking the plagiarism, and it shares the finalized results or plagiarism reports with the user via email. 

It is proficient in checking the user’s data against billions of online and offline published content and gives the results in the form of percentages for easy and quick evaluation. 

The simplicity, efficiency, and authenticity of the tool make it a good choice for non-regular users, students, and beginners who usually search for a reliable yet free tool to detect duplicated content. 


Plagiarism Checker by is free for unlimited and accurate plagiarism checking. 


  • A widely-trusted AI plagiarism checker tool
  • Free for infinite plagiarism detection 
  • Provides the results in %age form 
  • Facilitate the user by sharing the prepared reports via email 
  • Features the simplest-to-operate platform 
  • Best suitable for beginners and professionals 
  • There is no word count restriction for each trial 
  • Also offers paid feedback for additional writing issues in user content 


  • Very slow and takes a lot of time 
  • Does not provide results on-site

Summary is an accurate, reliable, and affordable plagiarism detector online. It is ideal for both professionals and novices and has all the features that an AI plagiarism checker must have. 

Plagiarism checker by aiarticlespinner. Co is ideal for both professionals and beginners due to its unbeatable accuracy and simple tool layout, only for the ease of its users!

The plagiarism detector by is free, accepts an infinite number of words, and is easy to operate. It is suitable for beginners or non-professionals. 

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