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Why choose Hostinger? 6 Easy Reasons…

So, why choose Hostinger? Is there something special about this web hosting compared to the others? In this article, we’ll find out why Hostinger is recommended and the services like Hostinger that you may also consider.

When it comes to building a business and brand’s image, you need several ways of promotion, one of which that’s quite effective in internet marketing. You need to prepare some things in order for the plan to run properly. You see, it’s always better to introduce your business in a more appealing way. For instance, you may have a good-looking website as a start.

Other than the design, web hosting is also an important factor to consider. To choose the “best” web hosting services, you need more than a day to see which one may offer you the great value of all other competitors. Of course, you don’t have to do that because we have already compiled the information to make it easier for you.

One of the best web hosting services available today is Hostinger. We know you might have several questions circling around your head, like “why choose Hostinger?”, “how to host a WordPress website on Hostinger?” or “Are there any services like Hostinger?” Don’t worry. To solve and answer your questions, see the explanations below:

Reasons to Pick Hostinger

Before talking about how to host a WordPress website on Hostinger, let us talk about the most important part. So, why choose Hostinger over other services?

Uptime & Speed

Uptime & Speed

Why choose Hostinger? The answer would be the uptime and speed capabilities it has. Aside from the Hostinger free SSL that we can see as a bonus, the consistent uptime and website responsiveness are the things that are highly sought. No website can work really well if it doesn’t have both quickness and responsiveness to support it.

As speed is important to determine a website’s SEO and user experience, this is a factor that you always need to consider.

Cloud web hosting services from Hostinger are able to deliver optimized speed for your WordPress. Besides serving triple speed for websites, there’s also almost unlimited disk bandwidth that can enhance the speed even further.



One of the features to answer “why choose Hostinger?” is affordability.

Let’s be honest here, web hosting prices can be alarming sometimes. Price is always one of the determining factors to consider regarding which hosting provider is the best. Fortunately, Hostinger can still give you the aspect of affordability to the level that it’s almost unbeatable. Moreover, as a user, you can also get the Hostinger free SSL as well, which is amazing.

When most competitors tried to drive their renewal prices up to 500% of their normal rate, Hostinger stayed the same at $2.15 a month, premium hosting at $3.49 a month, and business web hosting at $ 7.95 per month.

Better Optimization

Better Optimization

Another great aspect Hostinger can give is better optimization. Combine it with the triple speed and you’ll get the most responsive WordPress you ever hoped for. When it comes to CMS optimization, Hostinger may obtain a higher score than the others.

Hostinger has custom-built caching plugins and specialized servers for WordPress and other different CMSs. Now with the full SSD storage, you can pump up your WordPress speed up to 50% faster.

Hostinger Free SSL & Domain Hosting

Free SSL & domain

When you get both Hostinger free SSL and domain hosting, it’s surely a jackpot.

Hostinger may offer you both of these within the Premium and the Business web hosting packages. As seen in the explanation above, the price is still far from expensive.

It is a great helper for individuals who want to start promoting their businesses through WordPress for the first time. Although the price is affordable, Hostinger will make sure that you always get reputable and real hosting and domain deals.

On top of it, Hostinger also gives the top security for any registered websites. Inside the business web hosting plan, there are several things you are guaranteed to obtain, such as high SEO ranks, top-of-the-line security, and also a certificate to get free SSL.

Hostinger Website Builder

 Website Builder

Now the final reason to determine why to choose Hostinger is its Website Builder. Website building may seem taxing, especially if you’re a beginner who wants to try things out. Many people felt confused about their first website building and often got lost along the way.

Hostinger noticed the problem and solved it by offering the all-inclusive or bundled services that come with the easy website builder. You don’t have to know much about the technical steps. All you need is a simple click, drag, and drop through the interface.

Choose any from the hundreds of available templates, and don’t worry, the website builder also offers a user-friendly and SEO-optimized website according to your own preferred keywords.

How to Host WordPress Website on Hostinger

After talking about the reasons to answer why to choose Hostinger, we now want to tell you the methods to build and host WordPress with Hostinger.

If you want to have WordPress within a short time, we recommend looking for web hosting that also serves web building and installation features, like Hostinger. On Hostinger, there’s the Auto Installer to set up your WordPress in a flash.

Within a few clicks and adjustments, you’ll have your own business WordPress ready to use. So, here’s how to host a WordPress website on Hostinger:

  • First, open Hostinger’s website, and enter your account details
  • Click Hosting, HPanel’s main menu, and then Hosting
  • Select the domain name for your WordPress and select Manage
  • Find the Auto Installer button in the CPanel Dashboard
  • Fill all the details correctly
  • Then after filling in all the required information, finish the step by clicking ‘Install.’

Similar Services Like Hostinger

Of course, there are other services like Hostinger, like the two examples here, GoDaddy and SiteGround. Let’s talk about the first one.

1. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the top recommended web hosting providers that offer its users various plans and packages to choose from. You can get any domain extensions you want, even .today, which is very uncommon.

The domain price will cost you around $14.00 for the first initial year. Surely, this isn’t the cheapest option out there.

But don’t worry. You can cut the prices in GoDaddy by having shared hosting plans. The plans cost about $8.99 and $24.99 for renewal. Just like its name implies, you’ll share the server with any other users. It’s good for small to mid projects that don’t require top-quality servers.

For the price, we may ask for better hosting optimization, and GoDaddy may offer you this as well. GoDaddy has WordPress optimization features for shared hosting as well. It also has a WordPress builder feature that includes pre-installed WordPress with lots of themes to choose from.

If you want a more secure connection, GoDaddy also offers VPN packages for those clients who need specialized servers. The VPN plans come with better configuration and performance compared to the shared hosting plans. The cost would be around $6 per month to a maximum of $100 a month.

Other than the VPN, you can also have your own dedicated hosting served with a personalized server just for you. It’s really good for bigger projects with lots of people involved. The fee, however, will be huge, as expected. The price for this is $130 a month.

2. SiteGround


Another popular option we have here is SiteGround.

SiteGround offers multiple services and hosting options, such as cloud hosting, WP hosting, and also dedicated servers.

The uptime, which is measured most perfectly, is the highlight of this host. The point that reached 99.9% surely will make the web visitors happy. Your site will load faster than before and always work on the clock.

Fortunately, you won’t likely meet the speed issue with SiteGround. There’s also the customer service feature that will help if someone goes wrong. You can communicate with them over the call or 24/7 chat.

Just like they promised, there’s no delay in the communication with the corresponding staff, which is a good sign that people at SiteGround really know what they’re doing.

3. A2 Hosting

One of the older web hosting services that we can still use today is A2. Have you ever heard or used it before?

A2 Hosting provides users with lots of features. There are so many features and services available to the option that it’s almost hard to handle. With this many options, users can pick which one they mostly need better.

However, this can easily be compensated by the fast server speeds. Hosting in A2 makes your website load in under two seconds. You click your website, and it’s there; no more waiting.

On the other side, A2 also has several specific features that support WordPress. It even has a specialized plugin to better optimize your WordPress site.


So, why choose Hostinger? As you may see above, there are plenty of reasons to consider. From the affordability to Hostinger’s capability to offer the best-performing website, it’s all there to grasp. Although it’s not perfect, it’s easy to say that Hostinger may fulfill all your web hosting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does Hostinger Do?

It provides users with web hosting features to enable a fast, reliable, and consistent speed for their websites.

What Is A Hostinger Control Panel?

The Hostinger Control Panel or CPanel is the custom control panel users may use to manage their hosting account easily and quickly.

Who Is Hosting Domain?

Domain Host is the provider you bought your domain from. If you buy a domain from Hostinger, then the domain host is Hostinger, as simple as that.
But sometimes, people often forget about who’s hosting their domain. If you happen to face the same problem, you can see your email archived for any billing records or type the word “Hosting” in the search bar.

Does Hostinger Have a Website Builder?

Yes, users can have their website preinstalled by using Auto Installer. It’ll make the web-building process a lot easier than usual. You are free to choose the templates or the themes, but be sure to input the information correctly.
However, this option is only available on some plans, including Business.

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