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How To Get Google News Approval On Google Publisher Center?

If you want your website (news site) to get Google News approval, you must know that things have now changed. In previous years there was a proper manual way to get endorsed by the Google publisher center.

However, content designers should streamline their sites and articles through G-News SEO to acquire consideration in the Google News search engine. This specialty discipline assists distributors with becoming endorsed news sources. Notwithstanding, remember that no measure of search engine optimization will get a site supported as a news source if it’s not genuinely a news source.

So, let’s go through the best way to get approval in Google news and feeding:

Fundamental Standards for Submission of your Site in News

  • You ought to layout your pages to make specifically a terrific consumer experience.
  • Avoid designing the handiest for the SERPs. Focus on the customers.
  • Avoid misleading your customers in any way, consisting of concealing or misrepresenting data about you or your internet site.
  • It would help if you made sure you set your internet site aside from your competitors’ websites. Be positive your web website online affords a unique price to customers.

Step by Step process to Submit your Site in Google News Approval

If you have researched Google news approval, you must know that previously, Google offered news publishers a tool called “Google Webmaster Tool Site.” Google did it because it wanted you to approve and submit your site to Google manually.

But now, Google has changed its criteria completely. Moreover, there is no specific rule to get approval like past. To get Google news approval, you must have the proper authority, or, in all likelihood, Google news will dismiss your site.

Still, we have compiled some possible steps that will help you to submit your site in Google News:


  1. Visit Google News Publisher. (Official website of Google for news publishers)
  2. Then it would be best if you had a Google News dashboard, and for that, you have to log in with your email ID.
  3. Here, you will have to fill in six sections with your details.
  4. There you will see the general section. Here, you have to provide your basic information like your site URL, location, contact details, etc.
  5. While in the content section, you have to provide the Google News RSS feed URL of your website.
  6. Then you must have to verify your site in the content verification tab.
  7. In the image section, you have to submit the logo of your site for further verification.

Note: Please note that the provided images of your site’s logo must be of square and rectangular shape. Images must also be correct image format and the right size.

  • In the earning tab, there will be an ads section. Here, you have to enter the publisher ID of your Adsense (Google Ads) account. In this section, you will manage Publisher Managed Ads and Google Managed Ads.
  • In the advanced section, you can transfer the entrance bunch, Article Style, and text style of your site seen in Google News.
  • In the last Review and Publish Tab, you can distribute your site and see how your site examines Google News.

If you follow these relatively easy steps while submitting your site to google publisher center, there would be prominent chances for your site to be approved.

But the things and process do not end here because you can do more to get Google News approval.

Please Avoid!

  • Generate content automatically
  • Distribute content or software that shows malicious behavior. like, Abuse of rich snippet markup, e.g.
  • Create pages with non-original content.
  • Sides on the front doors can result in a poor user experience.
  • Use link schemes to generate more links.
  • Perform cloaking where users and search engines are presented with different content.
  • Using hidden text or links to manipulate rankings.
  • Shameless promotion of affiliate links or content of no great value to users.
  • Post crawled content only to increase the number of pages on your website.

Follow These Steps to google publisher center!

  • Monitor your website for hacker attacks and remove any pirated content immediately.
  • Also, prevent user-generated spam and quickly remove anything that appears on your website.

How To Add Feed After Google News approval you?

Now your website has gotten Google News approval, but still, the story does not end. Because after approval, the most important thing is the news feed. Do you know how to add feed after approval? If not, then do not worry and follow these simple steps:
Open the google publisher center.

  • Select your contribution. Select Google News Issue.
  • In the navigation menu, click Content Settings.
  • Click the + New Section button.
  • In the pop-up window, add the URL for your new section.
  • To save your changes, click Apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google News Approval

Different people have different questions popping into their minds about Google News approval. Maybe you are also one of them. If yes, then you must pursue the following questions that we have compiled for you.

These are commonly asked questions about Google News approval:

Where does news appear on Google?

News articles that different news publishers like you submit to Google are always presented on various platforms of Google, including:

  • Google News
  • Google Search
  • Google Assistant
  • YouTube
  • and Discover

It depends on the type of news you are sharing with Google News.

Is my site eligible to appear on Google Platforms?

So, to get your site published on the Google platforms mentioned above, you want to provide suitable content material it’s recognized as:

  • Having excessive tiers of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.
  • Having a consistent record of producing authentic news-associated content material.
  • Complying with our News policies.


What are you waiting for if you have not applied for Google News approval for your news site?

And if you have applied for Google news approval, then keep everything in mind mentioned in this comprehensive article.

As of now, you know almost every vital aspect of Google News as a publisher, along with some FAQs, so best of luck in the future.

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