What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly

What kills bed bugs instantly – Best methods by professionals

When facing the pesky problem of bed bugs, finding a quick and effective solution is a top priority for many. But what kills bed bugs instantly? Here, we’ll explore some of the most reliable methods and products to help you eliminate these unwelcome guests in your home. From natural remedies to chemical treatments, we’ll discuss what works best and how to tackle a bed bug infestation head-on. Stay tuned to discover the ultimate guide on instantly eliminating bed bugs and reclaiming your peace of mind.

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are little, brownish insects that are oval-shaped and flat. They like to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals and people. Because of their flat bodies, these microscopic organisms can fit into areas roughly the size of credit cards. They might be sneaky enough to hide in the nooks and crannies of your furniture near where you sleep, like bedside tables, box springs, mattresses, etc. These annoying creatures are called “bed bugs” because they can quickly reach people while asleep.

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

sign of bed bugs

You should check if you have a bed bug problem before trying to get rid of them. These little bugs can be pretty hard to find. However, some signs can help determine if your mattress has bed bugs.

Rusty or red stains

Dried blood from these insects is likely the source of any crimson or rust-coloured stains on your mattress or linens.


Eggshells might be hard to spot, so keep an eye out for little white or ivory dots on your furniture, carpet, or bed, even though they are typically smaller and have a milder color. These are the bed bug eggshells.

Black spots: 

If your mattress or bedding has minor, dark stains or black dots, these may be bug excrement or the skin of young insects shedding.

Living bed bugs:

Bed bugs can grow more prominent and conspicuous after feeding despite their small size. You must act quickly to get rid of bed bugs if you find them in your furniture or bed.

What Attracts Bed Bugs to Your Home?

Humans and bed bugs have always had a rocky relationship. One reason is that our homes create the perfect conditions for these bugs to multiply. A bunch of bugs can start an infestation, especially if they’re ready to pop out eggs. Unlike other pests, bed bugs are not attracted to pesticides, human food, decaying wood or similar materials.

Here’s why bed bugs might choose to make themselves at home in your house:


As bed bugs like the warmth of people, they tend to gather in places where people are. They tend to hang out where we rest in our lounge, as that warmth indicates the best spots for them to snack on us.

Carbon dioxide: 

Bed bugs are like the smell of carbon dioxide we give off when breathing. This scent also appeals to other insects that feed on humans.

Additional bed bugs:

Every bed bug releases its distinct chemical signals that can attract additional bed bugs. That’s why they can quickly gather in the same hiding spots, like the nooks and crannies of the couch or mattress.

Dark bedding: 

Even though it may seem odd, bed bugs are drawn to color, especially shades that help them fit in. They seem to avoid light-coloured bedding and like dark and brown bedding the most.

Dirty/Unwashed laundry

Dirty clothes may have human traces, which could bring in new bed bugs looking to set up shop. People often hang out in a laundry basket, especially if it has been a while since they last washed their clothes.

What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly and permanently

What Kills Bed Bugs instantly and permanently

If you have bed bugs, they can be hard to eliminate once they spread. If you want to keep your home free of bed bugs, you should check it often, especially after bringing back new things or coming back from a trip. You can remove bed bugs on your own, but it won’t be easy. If you’ve only seen a few bugs, you still have choices.


According to NIH , 131 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 72 minutes can kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs. Using steam or hot water as a treatment can be helpful, but keeping the temperature high for a long time gives you a few options for quickly getting rid of the pests with heat.

  • Put blankets, clothes, and bedding in the machine and set it to the highest setting. Leave it on for a few hours. This should usually be enough to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs. 
  • You should use special steam cleaning tools to get into all the cracks and crevices of furniture and beds. This is a great way to get rid of bed bugs, but you will need a strong cleaner.
  • Hire a professional to use professional-grade tools to shut off a bed, couch, or even a whole room and heat it to the right temperature to kill all the bugs inside.

Steam Treatment

Heat is a much better way to kill bedbugs than poisons because they are resistant to them (their thermal death point is around 114 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit). So, a pest control professional might use a steam cleaner to get rid of a bedbug problem. Mattresses, floors, and other surfaces can all be cleaned with steam without having to worry about damage or chemical spills.

Even though it might take a while, this process keeps the bedbugs from flying around and landing on other things. The methodical technique also ensures that any eggs or live bedbugs are killed by steaming them enough.

Cold Treatment 

On the other hand, you could use compressed carbon dioxide snow to kill the bedbugs. A company that gets rid of pests uses a machine with a pressurized cylinder that blasts a “snow” mixture at -108 degrees Fahrenheit. This “snow” can get into hard-to-reach places like walls, box springs, and steam.

Your home freezer is another way to treat something cold. If you have some extra space, toss items like blankets or pillows into a sealed bag and pop them in the freezer. Place the food in the freezer for four days with the clock set to the coldest (at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit). This method will get rid of all bedbugs, including live ones, eggs, and larvae.


You can apply alcohol to get rid of bed bugs, but it might not completely eliminate all of them. As per a study from Rutgers University, spraying insects with 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol solution only got rid of about half of them. It won’t hurt any nymphs or eggs, either. Also, alcohol is very flammable, so putting it on your bed and things in it is not a safe idea.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE

Diatomaceous earth is a popular non-chemical way to eliminate bed bugs that work. This natural, sharp powder can immediately kill bed bugs by scratching and drying them out. Cover furniture, beds, walls, and any other place bugs could hide with a thin layer of dust. Use only food-grade diatomaceous earth to ensure it is safe for kids and animals.

Vacuuming up

You should also clean your floors every so often to remove dirt, trash, and pet hair. Vacuuming is also a very good way to reduce the number of bedbugs in the area. It won’t get rid of all bedbugs, but it will quickly eliminate them and make them less bothersome.

Vacuum every inch of your floor, moving furniture out so the vacuum can get under things and into tight areas. Do not forget to vacuum your mattress, nightstands, and walls to remove any still-alive bedbugs and their eggs. Pay close attention to putting the trash from the bin into a trash bag and leaving the house immediately. Clean the filter and dirt can with hot water and soap.

Silica Gel

Silica gels and other potent desiccants take water from bed bugs. It takes up to two days to kill bed bugs, which is safer to use in the house than poisons. You can use silica gel treatments to remove bed bugs quickly and for good.

Remember that silica gel can only be used on specific areas and can’t get rid of bugs on its own. You can quickly eliminate bed bugs in mattresses, but to get rid of a more significant bed bug problem, you usually need to take more steps and get help from a trained exterminator.  


If the problem is too bad, the best things to do are fumigation, house tenting, or bug bombs. Different pest control methods have different ideas about fumigation. Some say it should be used, while others say it should be avoided. 

More often than not, business buildings are more likely to be fumigated than homes. Strong chemicals are released into the air during fumigation, damaging fragile items and even causing health problems. Sometimes, bed bugs can dig deep enough to stay alive and come back later. Many pest control companies say heat treatment is better than fumigation. In residential houses, heat works just as well, is safe, and isn’t harmful.

Best way to get rid of bed bugs fast


Bleach kills bed bugs right away. To wash clothes and anything else that fits in the washer, use hot water, bleach, and soap. Then, set your dryer to its highest heat level and run a cycle.

Equal parts hot water and bleach can also be mixed to make a strong spray that will kill bugs on contact. cover  your eyes and hands with safety glasses and gloves, and be careful not to get bleach on any coloured clothes or fabrics.

Apply Disinfectants 

Lysol and other disinfectants that use ethanol, ethyl, or isopropyl alcohol as an active agent can quickly kill bed bugs. Spray disinfectants are another way to get rid of bed bugs right away. These chemicals are also suitable for cleaning the area because they are poisonous to bugs.


Acetic acid in vinegar is a strong chemical that can remove bed bugs. If a bed bug happens to encounter acetic acid, it can actually harm its nervous system, potentially leading to its demise. Also baking soda kills bed bugs instantly.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can kill bed bugs, just like bleach can. Even though it’s not as dangerous as bleach, it can still stain some coloured fabrics and furniture.

Chemicals used to kill bugs

Bed bugs can be killed with pyrethroids, like Permethrin, desiccants, pyrroles, and other chemicals. However, using chemicals to get rid of bed bugs is very dangerous. They might not kill bed bugs immediately because they need work time. They are also bad for people and animals, so using them near kids or pets is not a good idea.

Essential oils

Not only can some essential oils help with headaches, but they can also help with other things. Essential oils don’t permanently remove bedbugs, but they can help if you have an infestation. Citronella, thyme oil, and geraniol oil are all things that can keep bedbugs away. 

It is important to remember that bed bugs can go more than 400 days without eating, which is much longer than these scents last. This means these oils keep them away for a short time, but this non-toxic treatment might not eliminate them.

Put 10 to 15 drops of one of the essential oils, pure water, and a little rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. This should keep bedbugs from entering your home. Pay extra attention to places close to beds and other items.

When To Call Professionals For Bed Bugs?

If you’re dealing with a bedbug problem, contact a local pest control expert for a consultation. They might have additional suggestions for non-chemical methods to help you eliminate infestation. Our team of experts can come to your house and assess the specific infestation you’re dealing with. 

They’ll recommend what steps to take next and offer advice on preventing future bedbug problems. Depending on your situation, they could recommend a mix of different options or one of these solutions.

If the infestation isn’t too severe, they have to vacuum quickly and tidy up a few messy areas. If it’s more widespread, the job might take longer and require more thorough treatments. 

The price of a bedbug home treatment can differ greatly, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The total cost will vary depending on things like how bad the infestation is and the specific method that’s used.Finding someone who knows what they’re doing to assist you as soon as possible is the best way to alleviate your concerns.

Final Words

When dealing with bed bugs, swift and effective action is crucial. Understanding what kills bed bugs instantly can make a significant difference in addressing infestations promptly. 

Whether it’s heat treatments, insecticides, or natural remedies, knowing the proper methods can help you combat these pests efficiently. By taking proactive steps and utilizing the most suitable solutions, you can eliminate bed bugs swiftly and regain control of your living space. Quick action is critical when facing a bed bug issue to prevent further spread and ensure peace of mind in your home.


What Smell Do Bed Bugs Hate?

Lavender oil is excellent at getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs. It’s a popular choice for keeping those pesky insects away. Because these annoying pests absolutely hate its taste, aroma, and odor, lavender oil is definitely one of the best natural remedies out there.

What Color Do Bed Bugs Hate?

Green and yellow harborages were able to keep those pesky bed bugs away. The scientists suggested that bed bugs avoid yellow and green colors because they resemble bright spots instead of darker shades like red and black.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fully?

Removing bed bugs can be tricky, especially if you try to do it yourself. If you want to catch any lingering insects and keep track of their numbers, using specialized bed bug traps for your treatment is a good idea. It usually takes about three weeks to completely remove any remaining bed bugs and prevent them from returning. Getting rid of bed bugs is a breeze with professional extermination services.

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