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How Do Online Businesses Leverage Technology for Improved Performance

In the last few decades, technology in its many forms has become a vital tool for all forms of business. In the corporate world, the last 50 years have seen computers replace typewriters, and subsequently, online digital assets replace locally-held IT infrastructure. Business technology is a crucial ingredient for the ongoing success and efficiency of any modern firm. It can help to improve productivity in the workforce, foster effective communication between individuals and teams, and can even be used to drive more traffic to a business website. 

In this article, the concept of how online businesses can leverage the latest technology to drive efficiency gains will be explored in detail. There will be information on how team working applications support a remote workforce, how cloud-based applications can enjoy improved efficiency, and how SEO best practices can drive increased organic web traffic to your site.

Team Working apps supporting a remote workforce

It is estimated that around 62% of the global workforce who are aged between 22 and 65 work remotely, at least on an occasional basis. Remote working experienced explosive growth in recent years, most notably during the recent pandemic where it became a necessity for millions of companies to comply with movement restrictions and lockdowns. Even after the worst effects of the pandemic have passed, remote working remains popular with both employees and employers. It can help staff gain greater control over their work/life balance and can reduce the carbon footprint of an organization by eliminating non-essential journeys. 

However, it is important to recognize that remote working could not be effective without business technology. Team Working apps such as Asana help staff to collaborate without being in a shared physical space. This ensures that everyone is aware of their roles in a project and timescales for each subtask are adhered to. In addition, video conferencing technology allows staff to effectively communicate and hold meetings without needing to travel to a shared corporate location. Put simply, modern online businesses could not function without the technology that supports their remote workforces.

Efficiency in the cloud

Millions of online businesses rely on a range of cloud-based applications and platforms. These can control various website functions and can be used by staff to complete their tasks from a remote setting. However, it is important to recognize that application programming interfaces (APIs) are needed to control these online digital assets. There is a wide range of specific types of API, but their overriding purpose remains the same. They serve to control and monitor the cloud-based assets, ensuring that each program or piece of code communicates effectively with others. In addition, APIs can be used to monitor traffic and performance, ensuring that suspicious activity is detected and efficiency levels remain high across the online environment. 

Improved web traffic via SEO best practices

Briefly, for any online business, one of the key goals is to enjoy a high volume of web traffic. This will allow your firm to convert site visitors into paying customers and can be crucial for the long-term success of your firm. SEO best practice is key to increasing web traffic as it can boost your page rankings when web users make organic searches. There are a wide range of techniques that combine to create SEO best practices. These can include undertaking keyword research using SEO applications to create new website content that drives traffic to your site. In addition, tech can be used to optimize your web pages so that they load quickly and are accessible on a range of smart devices

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